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General / Do we have a list of the places where you can snipe at 20 range?
« on: February 01, 2024, 10:09:33 am »
So we all know that sniping beyond range 13 is usually not possible due to the sight range limitation on the player, but you can sometimes do it if a cutscene gave you vision, for instance when going to Deep Caverns and fighting the final boss or the mushroom boss.

What are all of the cases in the game where you can do this?

Suggestions / Minigun Buff Thing 2
« on: January 01, 2024, 07:06:00 pm »
Realized it's fairly limited what you can do to customize a minigun's behavior by selecting a motor when crafting. It's pretty much either Jumpstarter or "really slow thingy".
It could be possible to allow minigun crafting to include an extra slot for various electronic components that already exist in the game (like Circular Wave Amplifier or High Efficiency Energy Converter) and have those modify the motor behaviour, like letting wind up stacks persist for an extra turn and other things. This could be more palatable than Minigun Buff Thing 1 since you wouldn't need to create any new items.

I'm playing on Dominating difficulty.
I can see a change in prices when I equip and unequip Waist Pack (+10 Mercantile), but there's no change when I upgrade my Mercantile by 10 or more.
Also after levelling up and upgrading my Mercantile skill, equipping and unequipping Waist Pack does not change prices anymore either.

Suggestions / Minigun Buff Thing
« on: December 15, 2023, 01:12:01 pm »
One interesting way to buff miniguns a little could be to let players lean into the playstyle fully with a heavy electric motor item. This would fit in the other weapon slot (or some other active slot if it's more fitting) and would need power cells to charge. While it has enough charge it keeps your equipped minigun at maximum stacks of windup. Energy efficiency would vary between electric motors, and it could also become lower the more stacks of windup are active.
That's about it, talk about a reason to use Long Game and Slow Starter now.  :P

Bugs / Fusion cannon bugs
« on: November 05, 2023, 02:45:33 pm »
- can use 'aimed shot', and it doesn't do anything either
- doesn't seem to benefit from tricky trajectory, or its specialization, at least the damage doesn't change in combat stats

Crossbows have a dedicated skill but feel very neglected compared to Guns, and it seems this won't get addressed very soon, since the last devlog mentioned unique spears and another weapon type for the Guns skill. Thus I'd like to share some thoughts.

There is special ammo for crossbows, but if you look at how many special ammo types you can get with Guns (soon to be expanded further), it's not really that big of a difference.
Another big issue is that most crossbow models are not used, aside from Cyclon and Zephyr, and out of those two it's Cyclon that is truly essential. This is because Zephyr's crits fail to be useful against many enemies with high mechanical resistance, so the essential crossbow to craft for the endgame is always the Cyclon, while it's fine if your Zephyr lags behind in quality or if it's even just left behind at some point.

This makes it feel like there is just some variety lacking in crossbows, given how many models and ammo types and uniques there are for guns. The difference is a little overwhelming. So here's some ideas for improving this a little.

Concepts for making the craftable crossbows other than Cyclon more interesting:
- performing certain types of attacks with this crossbow will restore some action points
- has increased total damage output but only when firing special bolts, crits are less powerful
- attacks only incur X% mechanical resistance instead of 125%, if you attack while Focused
- get increased precision and damage output, but only when firing normal non-special bolts

Concepts for adding more interesting unique crossbows:
- a high-tech crossbow that uses a power source to heat up the bolt tips and increase the power and/or penetration of the attacks
- a mystical crossbow that grants bolts unusual properties or damage types, similar to what some sormirbaeren weapons can do
- a crossbow that synergizes with psi skills and is somewhat accurate even with lower perception stat

Suggestions / Riposte should natively support up to 2 stacks of its buff
« on: November 24, 2019, 12:25:02 pm »
There is no way to prove me wrong on this, it's just the way it should be. Captain's Cutlass could provide only 1 extra stack as a counterbalance, but yeah.

Suggestions / Buff ideas for dodge/evasion skills
« on: October 11, 2019, 09:33:36 pm »
People complain a lot about the effectiveness of these skills at higher difficulties. My ideas for buffing them are a few feats that do things like:
- reduce or remove the cap on how often attacks can miss against you (at most 60% miss with evasion, at most 90% miss with dodge)
- proc various things when an enemy misses an attack against you (attacker misses an attack against you -> they lose X action points depending on your dodge/evasion)

Suggestions / Interesting way to further buff non-gloves unarmed
« on: September 22, 2019, 03:06:39 pm »
I'm trying a bare fists build right now, making use of feats like Improved Unarmed Combat and so on, it's not bad, but it could use a little boost.

What if Lighting Punches was more lenient for characters using bare fists? Something like 20% max penalty if you're using gloves, 25%-30% max penalty if you are barehanded.

Would be pretty neat I think.

I can't easily test this yet, since none of my full psi characters are there just yet, but with the additional veteran levels and the Empowered Psychokinesis feat, it should be fairly trivial for a dedicated psi user to go over 275 skill and hit the 75% damage cap of Implosion, at that point casting Empowered Psychokinesis would have no effect on Implosion at all. I would suggest raising the cap a little to keep Empowered Psychokinesis relevant for the top Psychokinesis ability.

General / How do you get the coordinates for towing the sub?
« on: August 14, 2019, 11:48:56 pm »
I've found the sub, opened the gates, talked to Ferryman, found the Subsphere in LemCo, but I don't have the option to tow the submarine anywhere?

I've already searched around the area a lot so please tell me what I need to do rather than giving a hint.

I can't believe this one is still around, guys, c'mon... enemies either need to use the same targeting routine as the player, or move in the same increments as the player moves, so that they STOP doing this thing where they are in cover compared to the player, but the player is not in cover compared to the enemies.

Suggestions / New Psi School - PARABIOSIS
« on: July 17, 2019, 09:19:15 pm »
Just for laughs...


a Biocorp psi school that is based around biological buffs and synergizes with Thought Control (enrage the buffed enemies, or buff enraged enemies, blind them to your presence), its abilities can be invoked either on yourself or others.

**Hormone Overproduction** (0 skill, increases combat and psi skills by % depending on parabiosis skill, starting at 30% and up to 150%, but causes self or friendly target to go berserk and only attack the enemy with basic attacks or basic offensive psi abilities, lasts 2 turns, cooldown 3 turns)

**Retinal Blooming** (15 skill, gives target nightvision complete with daze vulnerability to flashbangs and a flat 50% bonus to detection, duration starts at 2 turns and can go up to 10 turns with higher skill, can use it to daze groups of enemies with a single flashbang)

**Acid Gut** (25 skill, grants target human a Mutant Acid Spray ability for 3 turns, the acid damage of the ability is influenced by parabiosis skill and target's constitution)

**Skin Fouling** (35 skill, enemies attacking target in melee take Bio damage and gain Contaminated debuffs with each attack attempt hit-or-miss, the Bio damage and chance to inflict Contaminated are influenced by skill, lasts 3 turns)

**Nervous Hypermyelination** (45 skill, target's Fortitude and Resolve are increased by a large amount depending on Parabiosis skill, 2 turns, 10 AP, 50 psi)

**Induced Regeneration** (55 skill, target gains a buff for 2 turns, during which it loses 20 action points but regenerates a good number of health points depending on parabiosis skill, regeneration is also applied on initial cast, 35 AP)

**Adaptive Flesh** (65 skill, target gains a buff that causes stacks of 1% mechanical resistance to be added every time it is struck by an enemy, up to 75 stacks maximum, the number of stacks added per attack depends on Parabiosis skill and all the stacks are lost when the buff expires, duration 2 turns, cooldown 4 turns)

Ultimate Skills:

**Deep Cerebral Stimulation** (70 skill, target can cast psi powers without triggering cooldowns and its psi crit chance is increased by % depending on parabiosis skill, lasts 2 turns, 35 AP, 50 psi, 10 turn cooldown)


**Metamorphosis** (70 skill, target evolves permanently into a powerful eldritch bio-horror, The Thing style, hostile to everything it sees, skill influences the chance that the target will be able to resist with a Fortitude check and the creature's attack power, creature's base hitpoints are close to the original target's hitpoints, 60 psi, 10 turn cooldown)

Traps like mines have this stat on them, but it never seems to be different from 100%, shouldn't some traps have different values for the display of the stat to make sense?

Bugs / Buying Blaine's password from Katherine can still bug out
« on: November 30, 2018, 11:25:03 pm »
This has been reported before, you can buy the info from Kat then go to the intercom and only the 'funny options' are available, and yep it can still happen.

I wonder if stealing your cash back from Kat can cause this? Don't really have the saves to test it.

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