Is this good or bad?

Yeah it's good and i would like to see that implemented.
2 (66.7%)
Well it's decent but i'll stay neutral.
0 (0%)
Nah, now fxck off with your shitty suggestions!
0 (0%)
1 (33.3%)

Total Members Voted: 3

Author Topic: Suggestion | @player + better quoting.  (Read 2032 times)


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Suggestion | @player + better quoting.
« on: July 15, 2019, 02:33:56 pm »
*Info : I didn't vote on my own poll. It would be really weird.*

Hello everyone.

I've come up with something that should make this forum a bit better.

You should be able to use @"Username here" in your posts/replies so the user that gets a notification. For ex.

Blablabla bla.



And he can for example look at his new replies and see that he gets mentioned it the post Blablabla bla. cuz he should take a look at it or should reply.

Yes, ik you can spam with it.

Now to the quoting. You can only quote the ENTIRE post not only this piece. It is pretty annoying of for ex. epeli almost wrote a textbook full of words and you just want to quote this one sentence.
 At the moment you have to quote the entire post and delete everything you don't want to quote.

So my suggestion here is : That you can select the text you want to quote and then a button will appear that will let you quote only the selected text.

Also, if your comment gets quoted you also should get a notification.

Critic and suggestions to this suggestion is always welcome.

Have a nice day.

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