Author Topic: Help me fix this Psi build (Level 12)  (Read 2281 times)


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Help me fix this Psi build (Level 12)
« on: September 16, 2019, 06:14:55 pm »
Hello guys. Mistakes were made and jumped into the game using psi most of the time but right now grenades also keep me alive and I have a lot of them for me to backup. I really don't want to restart the game and I'm looking for any recommendations on how to fix/save this build.


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Re: Help me fix this Psi build (Level 12)
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2019, 06:27:43 pm »
You'll be fine.  Put the rest of your stat points into Will if you want your psi to really shine.

Align your build as closely as you can with my recommendation in my psi guide.  Make sure you get Locus of Control at level 14.
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Re: Help me fix this Psi build (Level 12)
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2019, 03:15:21 pm »
I have yet to play a full Psy character. Mine is a SMG build with Temporal psionics. However, What I have learned with this game is maxing your potential is the only way to go. What I mean is, whatever your damage route is, Max it. So if your a psy character who focuses on thought control and psychokinesis then they should be maxed. The to hit potential and often the effects duration or resistance is based on your skill. There are exceptions to the rule but often its the case. Take cryokinesis. It appears to automatically hit. However, its damage is based on effective skill. At 50 your doing Cold: 18-28, Mechanical: 14-20 and at your level you could have a score of 111 or higher based on gear. Rounded to 150 effective your damage would be Cold: 38-66, Mechanical: 28-44 which depending on the gear should be doable.

My point is, keep your wil maxed and whatever damage powers you want to use maxed. Other abilities like technologies, hacking, and lockpicking you don't have to max, but to keep up with the sometimes brutal combat in this game as you level you are going to want those missing points. For temporal manipulation I recommend 55. It will get you to contraction or 70 for stasis. A lot of the temporal powers are utility and not based on your skill level. If you give temporal 1 feat grab Psycho-temporal Acceleration. Well worth it from what I have seen. Of course I really only use contraction and Dilation at the start of the fight and sometimes increment.

Thats just my two cents. I have learned most builds can work if they just don't neglect their combat abilities. Again, I have not played a true psion but I suspect they still want to max what they use for damage and control. If your getting destroyed in combat try a better shield. I found this and it helped a lot.

The frequency of the shield emitter determines that types of attacks they will be effective at guarding against.

Low frequency emitters absorb more damage from slow attacks with melee and crossbows, while high frequency emitters block more damage from high speed attacks like rifles and energy weapons. Each time a shield absorbs damage it drains from your shield energy. This means that if you have high damage absorption stats on your shield, your shield will sustain fewer hits because it is absorbing all the energy of your enemies attacks.

Sometimes you want your shield to do absorb as much damage as possible because you have no natural resistance. Light armor builds with dodge benefit from a high frequency shield because leather armor does not protect well against energy weapons and you want the shield to absorb all the damage because you don't get hit as often and have no natural resistance.

However, with metal armor, you get hit more often and you have more natural resistance. a low threshold shield with a large energy pool will be able to sustain many hits because the damage reduction will max out at a small number, the damage that gets through will be reduced and easily managed by your metal armor threshold/resistance. Metal armor users benefit the most from high capacity low threshold shields because they don't care about the damage that gets through the shield, but benefit immensely from the slight damage reduction and the ability to sustain more hits.

So the best shield for a metal armor user is a high quality core, an high quality efficiency upgrade, and a low quality low frequency modulator.