Author Topic: Psiblade for Oddity Dominating, playable 1 to 30  (Read 2359 times)


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Psiblade for Oddity Dominating, playable 1 to 30
« on: January 30, 2020, 10:10:59 am »
Link first:

This Psiblade is built around Red Dragon and requires some re-stealth tactics, so it's a little new player unfriendly such a fun to play :D.

Leveling Outline:(In case link dosent work)

Since early game is quite linear, following the given leveling order (till lvl 14)is highly recommended, it makes your game a lot easier.

Initial Attributes
Str: 5  Dex:8  Agi:6  Con:9  Per:3  Wil:4  Int:5
(Assuming Play in Oddity)

lvl 4  : (+1 Int) Quick Tinkering: To deal with annoying psibugs, trap it and Cryokinesis.
lvl 6  :              Premeditation  : You are now in GMS, stay before camera for a while and lure 5 sentry bots together. Then deal with them w/ Open door - Premediation+Electrokinesis
lvl 8  : (+1 Wil) Flurry             :  5 will now can boost Temporal Manipulation to 50+, 5 stacks Temporal Distortion will help you destroy those Plasma Turret easily. For that two adjacent Plasma Turret in Depot A Underpassage East, simply Premediation+Electrokinesis one and Electrokinesis the other(Retreat and repeat).

How to Play(Re-stealth Tactics):

Since this char has almost 70% crit chance and insanely high melee crit bonus (around 850% with RD, even more w/Ripper), you can easily one-flurry everything in the way. If somehow things get ugly, try joining our RNG Cult the following strategy:

**1. Re-Stealth**

Core Abilities/Item:  Cryostasis &Quick Tinkering &Force Field &Flashbangs
To re-stealth in combat successfully, you need to incapacitate enemies or make them lose your sight for a few turns. So Cryostasis - run away - re-stealth behind corner/doorway is a reliable strategy against single target.

To deal with group enemies,use Quick Tinkering+bear trap/Force Field/Molotov(Sometimes) to choke doorway/corridor and re-stealth, or simply Psycho-temporal Contraction+flashbang and run-away.

But technically, you should gas grenade abuse try to ↓↓↓.

**2. Separate Group Enemies**

Core Ability/Item: Pyrokinesis &Grenades

Different enemies have different sensitivity to noise, use this as your advantage. Ex: those Spawns are very sensitive to noise, simply Pyrokinesis/Grenade at some place and Spawns will all be attracted.

Specifically, to separate humanoids(which will return to position after checking the site), place bear traps along the way before Pyrokinesis/Grenade and cut those delayed afterwards.

**3. Against single normal target (SOP here in after)**

Turn 1 :Stealth close - Start combat manually - Premeditation w/Electrokinesis (Disable target's dodge and trigger Opportunist, bear traps preferably)- Expose Weakness(Tabi -1 action point) -Flurry

Turn 2 :Flurry-Flurry

In most cases, target would die outright in Turn 1.

**4. Against some single hardcore "Boss" target **

Turn 1 :SOP
Turn 2 :Flurry - Re-stealth
Then   :Repeat

**5. Against Group **

a. you either SOP one of them and re-stealth, or
b. separate them


1. Why 5 Str

Red Dragon only requires 5 str  :D :D

2. Why not 7 str for Decapitate/ not Parry+Riposte

Why bother when you can one-flurry the whole world. Besides, we are in desperate need of attributes, 7 str is really unnecessary.

Moreover, Parry only blocks melee dmg and Riposte only stack 1 time, otherwise I'll consider building a Reckoning Paladin(Wrong channel Sorry)

3. Why Increased Will

Ripper requires 5 will. Boost it to 7 gets you Persuasion and lots of Psi skill bonus, and since you will stay in 30% hp all the time, Fight Response comes in good synergy(one more flurry).

4. Why 7 Int and Power Management

Red Dragon/Premeditation requires 6 int and sometimes you need to face-tank some bullets/Psi dmg, a good shield is really necessary considering your pathetic hp. If you really enjoy save and load, feel free to replace w/ anything prefered.

5. Why Quick Tinkering

This is still a nuclear weapon even got nerfed several times.

6. Why 7 Agi and Hit and Run

For re-stealth purpose and good stealth bonus, lower it to 6 and take Sprint if you want.

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