Author Topic: Bind Scroll Wheel (and/or make Speed Up and Slow Down easier to use)  (Read 91 times)


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I know the scroll wheel is already usable when some menus are open and for the optional zoom feature, but I think it'd be convenient to be able to bind scroll wheel up/down ourselves in the controls settings. For example, using the in-game "Speed Up" and "Slow Down" controls is a bit annoying over time because I have to tap a button several times to switch from one extreme to the other. If I could do the same thing by just scrolling up/down for a split second it would be quicker and more comfortable. Perhaps other players would find other convenient things to bind in this way.

Alternatively, a separate keybind to simply toggle between the fastest/slowest speed would help for my complaint, but that is a very specific thing that I'm not sure many players would benefit from.