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Gigachad Yell Builds
« on: March 01, 2021, 06:07:11 am »
Underrail players usually approach tanking through either:  -High CON;  -High Evade/Dodge;  -Superior armor
or any combination thereof.
I am here to present to you the state of the art and chaddest defense possible: Intimidating the shit out of your enemies by yelling at them like a chancla-wielding Latina mother.  8)

Yell reduces enemies' offensive skills by 50% (with 3 specced points) of your intimidation skill for two turns. This means they hit weaker and miss more often. Since intimidation scales up with the highest of either strength or will, one of those will be the main base stat. I'll summarize (endgame combat analysis) two will psi-centered builds, though by no means do they enclose all possible variations of this theme. I also haven't fully organized them so feel free to minmax as you see fit:

1. Time Monk

Intelligence is set at 10 because I like more innervation slots. Same for worldbuilding skills and hacking/lockpicking/pickpocketing. Minmax those things as you want as they aren't crucial to the yelling.

In short combat should go like this:
Initiate combat (stealth or initiative). Pop adrenaline shot and contraction. Kill psionics first and melee users second. If you run out of AP and they are still alive, activate yell, evasive maneuvers, and precognition. A few things will come into play:
-Enemies now have about 150 less offensive skills for two turns
-Your evasion should easily breach several hundred for two turns
-TM is at 300, meaning precognition reduces chance to get hit by additional 30%
Your evasion will have reached the maximum 60% ranged evasion since their offensive skills took a massive dive and your evasion spiked. Precognition will add another 30% evasion. This means that you have 2 turns of minimal 10% hit by ranged attacks. Activate emitter just in case and you are good to go.
Should there still be enemies left by the end of those two turns, you will activate your highest damage dealing offensive:
-Activate enchanced psychokinesis
-Kill everything with maximum emissions damage
-If still some left, stasis yourself to preserve one more turn of enhanced psycho, adrenaline, and contraction
-Kill everything that's left at the end of this
-Temporal Distortion stack/ EMP nade/ Plasma nade what cant be punched effectively. Temporal Distortion is actually one of the most effective and funny assassination tool. Can handle even naga protectors with a few steps.

2. TC tank Crit Psi

More straightforward crit tank psi build. Use crit TC to demolish organics. Temporal Distortion stack/emp/plasma nade non-organics.
Utilize Last Stand/ Hemopsychosis/ Survival instincts/ Mania/ Stasis to juggle health around and never run out of psi to throw at your enemies. If you find yourself without stasis or any other escape, this is where you activate yell. Activate shield emitter as well. Yell should knock out at least half their damage as you are reducing their skills by at least 160. With high HP and emitter, you will tank through their attacks with ease.

I've skimmed over a lot of combat/inventory details for the sake of skipping the wall of text. Let me know if you want some elaboration on these.

Stalkers catch you off-guard? Enemies hitting too damn hard on dominating? Stealthing wimps crippling striking you one too many damn times? Create your build around yelling and let those assholes catch a piece of your damn mind  >:(.