Author Topic: No turn-based mode in EOS complex boss fight: intentional or bug?  (Read 933 times)


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No turn-based mode in EOS complex boss fight: intentional or bug?
« on: September 15, 2023, 11:25:02 am »
The "Strange Ice" boss / apparition on top of the EOS complex tower attacks the player, but the game's overwise universal rule of forcing turn-based mode whenever someone damages player character - is not in effect. Further, it is impossible to enter turn-based mode manually, for the whole duration of the encounter, as turn-based "cooldown" indicator in the bottom-right corner continuously resets to nearly full.

I recon this is intentional to make the fight harder, but not 100% sure. Could be some strange bug?

Anyhow, i find this absense of turn-based mode wrong and something to be fixed, for two significant reasons:

- Underrail is a game with turn-based combat, allowing to take one's time planning one's moves, think and take optimal course of action. We choose to play a turn-based game largely because of this feature, and it's most needed exactly in most complex and difficult fights. If we'd want to play real-time combat or arcade game, we wouldn't be playing Underrail - we'd go play some Quake or Pacman. This is why majority of Underrail players are likely irritated by this real-time encounter _forced_ upon them (since it's not even possible to enter turn-based mode manually);

- some builds have massively easier time doing this boss fight than others. E.g., properly built melee character will easily break ice and have much easier time about moving around and surviving Cryokinesis hits than a pure psi build with its lower armor and mobility feats / gear; way more complex damage-dealing mechanics of pure psi (multiple abilities, cooldowns, psi points to manage) will further stress pure psi character while melee character will simply chain-attack ice chunks with a single button. Etc.

And i think we have enough difficulty in this boss fight from being unable to save the game anywhere in level 5 of the tower, of which the boss fight is the 3rd, and furthest from level 4, sub-area. This alone should already suffice as "special difficulty" this boss fight would have, imho.

Due to all the above, whether bug or intended, i request this "no turn-based mode" restriction be removed from EOS complex boss fight.
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Re: No turn-based mode in EOS complex boss fight: intentional or bug?
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2023, 01:02:04 pm »
It is real time.
Unusual fight for sure, but i think its fitting for the area.