Author Topic: Dev Log #73: Version and the incoming DLC  (Read 5454 times)


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Dev Log #73: Version and the incoming DLC
« on: October 12, 2023, 02:20:26 pm »

Hi guys,

In preparation of the coming release of Heavy Duty DLC (which you can wishlist now on Steam or GOG) we are pushing version out on the main branch today. You can find the list of changes down below.

In one of the dev logs back in 2022, I hinted at a possiblity of us releasing a small DLC that would contain some important mechanics that we originally planned for a bigger DLC that would follow after Expedition. These mechanics were the new weapon types. As I said then, instead of making this large DLC we decided to move on to Infusion and basically rework the entire engine.

However, we didn't want to just leave those out permanently. While I was busy working on the new engine, along with the 3D artists, I decide to have the level/quest designers, who could not do any substantial work in the new engine yet anyway, work on a short, but unique, side-mission that we could then package with the weapons as a smaller DLC.

That way we could freshen up the game without disrupting the work on Infusion significantly. Granted, it did take some of my development time to code the new weapons (because at that point we only had the spritesheet renders) as well as some of the artists' time when creating the new tilesets. However, the majority of the work was done by the two level designers that had time to spare anyway.

So I hope you all enjoy the new weapons, I found them very fun during testing, as well as the new adventure. I can now confidently say that this is probably maybe the last big content update to the game until we're finished with Infusion. Of course, there's still the question of improved Steam Deck support and localization tools. Also it wouldn't hurt to add a couple more unique weapons, spears in particular...

Anyway, here is the list of changes in this patch. It does not include the DLC stuff that's coming later.

  • New seasonal events
  • Increased the cost of Hexogen
  • Scopes, crossbow superstring, pneumatic reloader and laser sight are now stackable
  • Praetorian heavy armor acid resistance changed to 0% / 5 (down from 20% / 10). This was a mistake, regular metal armors have minimal fixed acid resistance
  • Praetorian heavy armor health bonused changed to 35 (up from 20)
  • Reduced the mechanics required for a number of different gun barrels (7.62, 8.6, .44, 12.7)
  • Increased durability of TT 3000 from 690 to 2220, and Balor's Hammer from 1770 to 3570
  • Rathound King and What now have custom combat taunts
  • Doctor Merrick will now treat injured players
  • Gorsky is now immune to fear
  • [Expedition] Becket will now sell spears and offer them as a reward; also, he will now always buy some medical items per restock (was random before)
  • Reduced the spread angle for assault rifle/SMG bursts
  • Echoing Soliloquy persuasion buff will now work a lot more reliably on higher difficulties
  • Tchortlings will now despawn (go back to their wretched holes) if the player returns to Hollow Earth zones without being affected by the Eye of Tchort debuff
  • Protectorate Dreadnought's minigun now behaves like a proper minigun; also, the shoot rocket ability's AP cost has been reduced from 30 to 20, whereas cooldown has been increased from 2 to 3 turns
  • Item macro stacking (1000 = 1k, 1000000 = 1m...) will now properly work with the new UI settings (was Classic-only)
  • Fatal Throw should no longer provide any benefit when throwing acid vials
  • Fixed the UI bug with certain vehicle slot background icons in some UI sizes
  • Updated HARP rocket explosion to use the same sprites as High Explosive grenades, instead of the old one
  • Commando will no longer trigger when destroying inanimate objects
  • Certain special acid attack will now count towards "Acid Trip" achievement
  • Fixed being able to tell Lt. Garren that a certain sneaky person is located somewhere despite the fact that he isn't
  • Fixed Leo sometimes not leaving his hiding place properly and thus not being accessible for the rest of the playthrough
  • Fixed Epione Lab cameras sometimes tracking the player despite them having been allowed access by the front guard
  • Fixed Gorsky staying in Tanner's office even after certain events that should prevent their conversation from happening have taken place
  • Fixed being able to pickpocket femurs from hunchback mutants
  • Fixed certain Mushroom Root parts being selectable from outside of the actual sprite
  • Fixed thrown oil barrels doing acid damage on direct impact
  • Fixed being able to daze machines while under the influence of Scrapperac
  • Fixed the game not acknowledging you had paid for the Wormhole access if you did so through a mercantile check
  • Fixed Tchortling Sower Tentacles sometimes dropping their bio attack weapon items for the players to pick up
  • Fixed SRO assault squad not returning to home base upon victory
  • If the player manages to survive the electric shock and subsequently kill the other runners in the Gauntlet's final area, they will no longer be able to enter other lanes and go out of bounds
  • Buying drapes for your house will now properly remove 300 charons from inventory (as stated in Jyles' dialog) instead of 350
  • Death of reclined characters lke the wounded sec-trooper will no longer be displayed as destruction in the text feed
  • [Expedition] Fixed not being able to disembark at a destroyed wall section in Port Ceto during certain events
  • [Expedition] Updated Elemental Bolts feat description to include energy bolts. The text remains the same for the base game, as it does not feature this kind of bolts
  • [Expedition] Fixed the camp defense quest note not being marked as completed in certain situations
  • [Expedition] Fixed not always getting extra xp for doing the final pirate mission solo (and some other minor dialog inconsistencies)
  • [Expedition] Fixed Ladelman not selling vehicle repair kits
  • [Expedition] Fixed quests related to joining the expedition not always being marked as failed when the ship returns to the Black Sea without the player
  • [Expedition] Fixed a broken electronics check when attempting to fix an Abandoned Waterways Facility console
  • [Expedition] Fixed not getting a bonus for revealing a certain threat to the expedition
  • [Expedition] Fixed behavioural issues with Ladelman and Doc Savage when they join the camp defenses at the beach
  • [Expedition] Fixed a broken option to call for reinforcements during kidnapping negotiations
  • [Expedition] Fixed the respawning jet ski in Abandoned Waterway Facility
  • [Expedition] Fixed The Rig guard dogs engaging players riding jets skis (will occasionally growl at them only)
  • [Expedition] Fixed junk jets taken from members of a few factions still displaying red/protected cursor
  • [Expedition] Room 3 at The Rig will no longer display red/protected cursor even if Murky gave you its key
  • [Expedition] A certain persuasion option will no longer break Todd's dialog
  • minor dialog/zone fixes

That's it for now, guys. Look out for the DLC coming November 1st!

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