Dev Log 3: Real-time 3D Models


Hi guys,

One thing that we wanted to overcome for a long time when it comes to Underrail's engine are the limitation of the prerendered character models, and in Infusion we're finally going to do it. Character and creature models are going to be rendered in real-time in a style as closely matching that of the (new) prerendered backgrounds as possible in order to retain the established visual feel of the game.

This is going to allow us to display the exact gear on your character, as well as NPCs. If they are wearing a crafted piece of armor, you'll be able to see exactly from what materials it is made (type of leather, carrier vest, metal, etc) and what kind of enhancements it has. Same for the weapons. Also, this will allow us to model the unique pieces to complete that experience of wielding something as awesome as, say, Balor's Hammer. Some mechanical changes when it comes to itemizations are going to follow with this change as well. I'm currently inclined to make the pants a separate slot and I also have an idea for another slot, but I'm going to talk about that more later down the road.

Furthermore, you'll now be able to customize your character by picking their haircut, facial hair (as well as color of these), and skin tone, and maybe even adding tattoos and other features on top of that.

Also, this will allow us to add a lot more animations to characters and creatures which, in addition to the eye candy, will also make the combat more readable as potentially special attacks can now have their own special animations.

Let us know how you like the new models.