Dev Log -10: Weapons


All the weapons I've planned for the demo are in, along with their crafting components and blueprints.

Of all the weapon classes for the final game, only the energy rifles are not in yet. Of course, only a 1 or 2 models for each weapon class are done as of now, but that should be enough for the demo. Anyway, adding more models and weapon enhancements is pretty easy (and fun), it's creating the crafting mechanics that's a lot of work.

Anyway, here they are:

  • Underrail - KnifeKnives
    • can be crafted out of any type of metal
    • can't have any extra enhancements, but there are several types of knives you can make with different molds: regular combat knife, serrated knife (chance to inflict bleeding wounds), dagger (bigger critical chance, damage that pierces the armor is increased against organic targets)
    • incur 125% mechanical damage resistance more (harder to penetrate the armor)
  • Underrail - SledgehammerSledgehammers
    • high damage output (especially in hands of a strong character)
    • high strength requirement
    • ignores mechanical damage threshold (damage can never be fully mitigated)
    • 10% chance to stun target on hit
    • can be enhanced with special components for extra on hit effects
  • Underrail - PistolPistols
    • only firearm with no skill requirement (any character can be fairly efficient with it)
    • AP cost varies greatly with caliber (high calibers are good vs armor targets, low calibers are good for spending remaining APs)
    • no moving penalty (can move and shoot without precision penalty)
    • no melee penalty (enemies in melee range do not reduce your precision)
  • Underrail - SMGSMG
    • single and burst fire
    • no moving penalty
    • no melee penalty
    • can be enhanced for increased burst precision (less likely to miss/hit other targets)
    • moderate skill requirement
  • Underrail - Assault RifleAssault Rifles
    • single and burst fire
    • slight moving penalty
    • no melee penalty
    • high damage output, especially with short range burst (most powerful close range firearm in hands of skilled character)
    • high skill requirement
    • moderate strength requirement
  • Underrail - Sniper RifleSniper Rifles
    • powerful single shot attack, great against armored targets
    • high moving and melee penalties
    • high skill requirement
    • high damage output (especially from stealth)
    • low strength requirement
    • high precision when firing without interference
  • Underrail - CrossbowCrossbows
    • versatile weapon
    • incur 125% mechanical damage resistance more (harder to penetrate the armor)
    • slower projectiles allow easier energy shield penetration (energy shields are not implemented yet, though, and won't be in the demo)
    • can fire special bolts (poison, tranquilizing, etc; this is not implemented yet but will be in the demo)
    • cheap ammo
  • Underrail - Energy PistolEnergy Pistols
    • Lower damage potential than an average firearm of the same quality
    • Increased precision
    • Does energy damage which easily penetrates most armors
    • Bad against energy shields
    • Very expensive
    • Uses energy rather than ammunition (charged from batteries)


Got all the ammunition calibers done as well, but only the standard, tungsten-carbide (AP) and JHP (anti-personnel) rounds. Each caliber will also have at least one special bullet type in the final game.

There are 6 bullet calibers in the game: 5mm, 7.62mm, 8.6mm, 9mm, .44in and 12.7mm. They are all packed into a universal cartridge that any weapon class can use if the weapon is of that caliber (I know it's not how it works in the real world, but there it is). When crafting firearms, one of the components is the barrel which will dictate the caliber of the weapon. Not all weapon classes and models and use all calibers.


Next on the agenda is tweaking the game interfaces; most importantly, adapting it to high resolutions.


Btw, here's my new favorite weapon in the game:

Underrail - Shock Steel Sledgehammer