Dev Log -13: Ventilation


Most buildings in the Underrail will have a ventilation system you can access and use it to move around or hide from the enemies. It'll be a particularly good way to scout ahead, as I intend to implement a 'peek' action you'll be able to use from within the ventilation to see what's outside a particular ventilation opening before stepping out (have to implement context menu on objects first for this, though).

Underrail - Ventilation

All this doesn't mean that ventilation ducts are the safest place in the game, however. There will often be nastier things than you hanging out there.



Underrail - Ventilation Entrance

Currently any character can access the ventilation, but I'll be adding skill checks later on. There will probably be two ways in which you can open a ventilation shaft:

  • have enough points in lockpick and use a special tool (will probably need to rename 'lockpick' skill into 'burglary' or some such)
  • have enough points in strength and use a crowbar
One technical limitation is that I cannot really afford to produce all the separate crawling animations for all the actions and weapon/armor variations, etc. So the character will visually appear to be standing even when inside the ventilation ducts. I think this is acceptable compromise considering how much this gameplay element will be adding to the game.