Dev Log -20: Lower Underrail


I've been mostly working on graphics for a new area in the previous week.

Underrail - Lower Underrail Underrail - Lower Underrail

The are two major metro networks in the Underrail: Lower and Upper Underrail.

Lower Underrail (shown on the screenshots) is sort of industrial/military zone that back in the days of its prime housed a number military training grounds and production facilities, power plants, warehouses, secret research facilities, prisons and more. Some of these locales are abandoned now and some are inhabited and adapted by small groups or independent mid sized colonies.

While everyone protects their own station and the immediate surroundings, no larger faction has a decent grip on the Lower Underrail so it remains largely unpoliced. Wondering its long dark sprawling tunnels is dangerous business, especially if you venture unprepared.