Dev Log -28: Grenades and Explosives


Grenades are the primary source of area of effect damage in the game. They can be used to their full damage by any character, but those that specialize (invest skills and feats) receive certain benefits such as shorter cooldowns, extended range and quicker throwing action. Currently there are three types of hand grenades:

Frag grenade

High damage output against unarmored target; not very effective against heavily armored targets. The closer the target is to the center of detonation, the more shrapnel damage it takes.


High explosive grenade

Good damage output; not affected by armor as much.



Incapacitates everyone caught in the blast for a few seconds allowing you to restealth.


Frag and HE grenades have multiple "power levels", so their damage scales up. You will be able to find them in many areas throughout the game or create them yourself by mixing different explosives you obtain. Primary skill for crafting any type of explosives is Chemistry.


I intend to implement at least one more grenade type: EMP, which will do some or all of the following: electrical damage, burn shields, stun robots. Other stuff that I might implement includes: smoke grenades (reduces visibility which causes ranged weapons to miss a lot), nerve gas grenades (endless possibilities!) and Molotov cocktail (sets stuff on fire).


Time bombs

These deal massive amounts of damage in a wide radius. They detonate 10 seconds after being deployed and will be mostly used to clearing up passages on the map or sabotage. Though I guess they you could also trap enemies and blow them up in some situations.