Dev Log -29: Mixed Update


Hey guys, been a while since the last update. In the mean time I've got a lot of things done. Unfortunately, a lot of those things are under the hood of the engine and have no shinies for display, but there are some that do.


New Toolbar icons


I actually call it System Bar. Whatever the common term is, it's updated with new icons, so let me know what you think. If you want to compare it to the old one, check out this image.



Crossbows have been added to the game. So how do they fit into the future that is TLV? Well, while they do not do as much damage as firearms and energy weapons (and are particularly ineffective against heavily armored targets), their bolts travel at a relatively low speed which allows them to penetrate energy shields more easily. You will be able to coat their bolts with poisons or rig them with explosives which makes the crossbow a versatile weapon. Also, there will be feats that will make the crossbow an attractive weapon for a stealthy character.


Sound effects

Another thing I've been up to is mapping sound effects for all the stuff I implemented so far, so the game is no longer mute. It was somewhat tedious process, mapping them retroactively like that, but it's done now. No interface sounds or music yet though, I'm holding that off until I get more content in.


* * * *


This was by no means an extensive list of everything I've done in the mean time so expect more (short) updates to follow soon.


I've started working on a new area. It includes an underground lake. This will be my focus in the coming month and I'll be sure to post screenshots of it as soon as I have something presentable.


By the way, I changed the RSS feed. The old one was spawning duplicate entries in Google Reader, so if any of you were subscribed to the old one (or even if you weren't :) ) resubscribe (link is in the upper right corner). Thanks.