Dev Log -6: Feats


I've added a bunch of new feats. The grand total is 37 now, which should be enough for the demo. I tried to cover all the major areas (ranged combat, melee combat, stealth, psi, even some crafting stuff) as well as add enough general feats.

Underrail -  Feats

This about concludes the phase one of the demo preparations. The only things left to do are add two new creature types, but that'll have to wait for a few days (models are not quite ready yet).

Now I'm moving into phase two which involves:

  • adding some more areas
  • improving existing areas (adding more details, more scripting where required, etc)
  • updating old quests to work with the reworked (simplified) quest tracking system
  • adding more quests
  • adding more NPCs and dialog in general
  • restocking merchants with the new goods
  • making the starting areas and quests more cohesive
  • probably doing a bunch of smaller stuff I can't remember now
This shouldn't take as long as phase one, though it probably will now that I said it.