Dev Log -7: Done with Items


I'm done with items for the demo. I'll surely add a few plot items here and there once I start working on the areas and quests again, but no more blueprints, components, usables, etc.

Underrail - Inventory

Just a quick explanation of the inventory image above. I mentioned utility slots a long while before, I think, but doesn't hurt to brush up on the subject. Some usable items are expected to be used by everyone, such as healing medication and other restorative items, non-combat items, etc. You can use these items directly from the inventory at any time (they might have cooldowns though) or by dragging them onto the action bar.


Other items are special usable items that each can have great impact on your playstyle, particularly during combat. These are 'utility items' and to use them you must first equip them in a utility slot (on the left), the number of which is limited. You have two utility slots to start with, but can get more from gear or feats. The idea is that you must make a choice of what additional tools you are going to bring into combat depending on what playstyle you are going for and also what kind of enemies you might face.


For instance, if you're going to fight robots, you'll want EMP grenades, but you won't need poison bolts. If you are going to fight multiple enemies, it's good to equip frag grenades. If you want to avoid combat altogether, go for a cloaking device, tranquilizer bolts, flashbangs, etc. I want the player to have to think and adapt to the situation. There is no perfect set of tools for every encounter or every character build.


Anyway, here's the list of the stuff I got done in this last batch:


  • Special crossbow bolts
    • Poison bolt - applies stackable poison effect that deals bio damage every turn (currently there's only one type of poison, but there will be more; you can extract poisons from glands of poisonous creatures with biology skill)
    • Tranquilizer bolt - puts the target to sleep; the less constitution the target has the longer it sleeps
  • EMP grenade - deals irresistible electrical damage to machines and disables them for 2 turns; also, drains all the energy from the target's equipped electronic devices and deals electrical damage equal to 50% of the energy drained
  • Cloaking device (powered) - doesn't make you automatically invisible but greatly increases stealth and somewhat increases evasion;
  • Bandages - heal lights wounds when out of combat (can only heal above 65%)
  • Antidote - removes 3 stacks of poison
  • Flare - lights up an area for 30 seconds; also reveals all stealthed creatures when it lands
  • Boots
    • metal / leather
    • springs - movement bonus
    • spikes, blades - extra unarmed damage
  • Belts
    • Utility: +2 utility slots
    • Bullets Strap: +1 utility slot; reduces AP cost of reloading firearms; minor intimidation bonus
    • Doctor's Belt: +1 utility slot; reduces AP cost of using medical consumables
  • Headwear
    • Metal helmet - minor resistances bonus; reduces chance to get critically hit
    • Goggles - increase perception; can support night vision module (powered)
Ok, I think that's all.
Next I'll be adding up a bunch of new feats (perks).