Dev Log -9: Interface Work


I did a lot of interface work these last couple of days:

  • Reworked all the controls/windows to be able to scale to any resolution (or at least those that should scale)
  • Added an options page with video resolution, audio levels and some gameplay settings
  • Added interface sounds
  • Replaced the remaining placeholder icons
  • Added indicators that will show you which target's you'll hit when invoking AoE abilities (no more  accidentally getting caught in my own pyrokinesis)
  • Other minor tweaks
I also made a big change to how the quests are documented. Originally there was a journal that would record your quest progress in more detail, but as I started adding more quests I found that they all had some minor or major decisions you could make, so documenting all that become tiresome and time consuming very fast. So I fell back to a Fallout-style check list instead. This will enable me to add as much C&C into quests and dialog (and just the world in general) as I want without all the overhead of having to reconstruct it all again in the journal (my dialog engine is so much more advance than the quest tracking code to the point that sometimes it actually takes longer to create journal entries than to write the dialog they are based on).
Underrail - High Resolution
Not the most interesting stuff to work on, but it's essential for the release. Also, adding stuff like support for wide range of resolutions and options page makes the game feel more like an actual product already.

Next I'll be working on a number of changes and additions to game mechanics, before getting back to producing more content, starting with a couple more psi abilities.