Dev Log 2: Steam Greenlight; Bug Fixing


First let me just remind everyone who hasn't seen it yet that Underrail is up on Steam Greenlight now. So if you'd like to see it released on Steam eventually please hop over there and up vote and favorite the game.


These last couple of days I made a number of changes to the game, based on the feedback and my own observations. This is not the definite list of changes, though, but these are all the changes that will eventually get into the updated demo release, whenever that may be. Unless I uncover some critical game breaking bug I won't be updating the demo build beyond this. And of course there will be no additional content added to it. So here are the changes:

  • Tweaks
    • Buying prices are much higher than selling prices now so you won't be able to get rich quickly anymore; this also make mercantile more useful
    • Ammunition and some other resources are more expensive and scarce now
    • You cannot start combat immediately after transitioning into another area (5 second cooldown added); this should prevent most of the transition exploits
    • Critical hits are better distinguished in the scrolling combat text
    • Batteries now restore more energy, but are also more expensive
    • When attacking a passive object in real time the attack will stop after a single hit (no more auto-attacking)
    • Added more blueprints as static (non-random) merchant inventory
    • Improved some quest text to be more specific (number of outposts, barracks location, shooting practice)
    • Player movement speed slightly increased
    • Grenade damage increased
    • Flashbang duration increased to 2 turns
    • Enemy remains are now visible through walls at all times (don't have to hold down TAB or Z); this should also prevent them from being stuck behind a door or other usables
    • Added inventory sorting (merchant inventories are sorted now as well)
    • Added more item filtering categories
    • Items are unbound from action bar when they are all used up, dropped and such
    • Help option will now blink until you open it (so many people missed it completely)
    • Dragging items/ability off the action bar is made a bit less sensitive now so you shouldn't have that much trouble clicking abilities while the action is unlocked
    • A number of abilities are automatically bound to your action bar at the start of the game
    • When you mouse over an equippable item in your inventory it will highlight the slots in which the item can be equipped (this should help with the special bolts confusion among other things)
    • You can double click items to equip them / put them into the trading window
    • When mousing over an item you wish to purchase it will show the purchase value instead of the nominal value
    • Only currency will be used during auto trading
    • Auto trading will no longer try to trade currency for currency
  • Bug fixes
    • Saves and user configuration are now stored in Documents\My Games\Underrail so the game will no longer require admin privileges to run
    • Saving while transitioning out of SGS into the caves will no longer get you stuck between the two gates
    • Killing the sentry near the Mushroom Cove will no longer mess up the factions
    • Attacking SGS sentry bots will no longer mess up the faction and turn your own electroshock sledgehammer against you (it was dealing electrical damage on hit to you as well)
    • You no longer remain in stealth after attacking a camera or other passive object
    • Item duplication bug fixed
    • Rathound Alphas should now properly use their Rend ability
    • Lockpicking is no longer instant with Burglar feat, but this feat has been improved to reduce lockpicking and hacking times by 75% (up from 50%)
    • You can now power up outposts in the caves after turning in the quests
    • You can no longer acquire the Sprint ability without picking the feat
    • Reloading from quick reload bar will now load up the weapon with as much ammo as you have regardless of how it's split in the inventory
    • No more blue flashes on saving the game
    • Removed "computer skill" references
    • Path estimation in turn-based combat should now be drawn properly in all cases
    • Minor AI bugs
    • Other minor map bugs
That's it for now. Now I'm going to get back to making some new content.