Dev Log 60: New Experimental Version ( and Trailer Video


Hi guys,

As a lot of you know, the expansion has been in closed alpha for a while now. This helped us weed out a lot of bugs from the available content (which doesn't include the last dungeon) and we would like to thank our dedicated alpha testers for their time. Without them it would take much much longer to get the DLC to run properly and smoothly and we surely would not have found as many bugs. This is not the end of alpha, though, as it will remain in place (likely) to the very release.

Speaking of release, we have the store pages up now (Steam; GOG - coming soon) with a brand new trailer, so check it out. You can't pre-purchase it, but you can wishlist it.

In preparation for the eventual release (it will happen) I'm pushing the version on the experimental branch. In regards to the original game, this update has a bit of everything, including fixes for some old persistent bugs, but also this is the code that runs the current build of Expedition and I want to make sure it doesn't break anything in the base game before we finally release the DLC. Here is the list of changes:

  • Engine
    • Replaced the black window with a cosmetic loading bar when loading up the game
  • Items
    • When being sold by the player, items will now be valued at 50% on hard and 25% on dominating difficulty
    • CAU armor will now also increase the damage of Cooked Shot by 20%
    • Added brown worker suit as an armor item
    • Added the previously default model's shirt and pants as an armor item
    • Cost of food increase by an order of magnitude
    • Doctor's Coat and Biotechnician Suit can now degrade, be repaired and recycled
    • AKX is now indestructible (it won't take damage from use) and has been moved from the train hijacker to Kokoschka
    • Added new foods
  • Mechanics
    • Special attack damage bonus no longer works with "unconditional" special attacks, which are special attacks that do not have a cooldown or require special conditions to trigger. So far these are: burst, shotgun burst, heavy punch, and double shot
    • Immobilizing status effects will now also set your effective dodge stat to 0 (just like evasion)
    • Damage from standing in fire will now remove incapacitation and also remove "chilled", "frozen" and other cold based status effects
    • Animals and other low-intelligence enemies can now pass through curtain doors. Good luck.
    • Cameras will now report on you when you steal stuff
    • Ground fire percentual burning damage capped to 16-40 (based on fire level).
    • Net throw will now displace success chance during targeting
    • Burning and exothermic aura status effects, as well as some other direct fire exposures, will now also remove webbed status effect
  • Feats
    • Changed Quick Tinkering: Cooldown changed to 5 turns (up from 2)
    • Added Versatility: Your effective Guns, Crossbows and Melee skill value is brought up to 60% of the effective value of the highest of those skills.
  • Tweaks
    • Players wearing no armor will appear in their underwear instead in the default outfit
    • Explosive barrels will now ignore 40% of target's resistance and threshold (same as HE grenades)
    • New models and portraits for Kokoschka and Dude
  • UI
    • You can now copy current dialog text to clipboard by pressing Ctrl+C.
  • Bugs
    • Fixed the keybinding for the global map
    • Fixed the bug that caused patrol waypoint delay to end on save/load
    • Hopefully fixed the bug that caused the window to lose focus when starting the game in full screen mode on some computers
    • Fixed (or at least) improved the mechanics concerning turn-based combat and area (blue) transitions. Player will now retain his combat turn while transitioning to a different area (section) within the same zone and NPCs will not bug out as much when attempting to follow him
    • Fixed the bug that caused the crafting UI to swallow up items in some rare instances
    • Activating exothermic aura will now also remove any burning effects the invoker has
    • Fixed the weird weapon rules in Fort Apogee Consulate
    • Fixed the bug that caused certain NPCs to respond to noise in turn-based mode, but not in real-time mode; there might be more instances of this
    • Commando feat will now properly trigger from kills caused by on-hit damage from special ammo
    • Using special attacks in real-time mode will no longer automatically be followed by a single regular attack
    • Hunchback mutants will now use proper yell sound
    • Bear traps, cryoliquid blob traps and throwing knives will no longer ignore immunity to critical hits
    • You can no longer add a silencer to a weapon alongside another muzzle device
    • Fixed the bug that caused the player to receive the strange feeling debuff after saving the game and staying still even though he should be safe from it
    • Shoot Dreadnought rocket ability now has actual tooltip text
    • Pseudo-spatial Projection will now work against throwing knives; also throwing knives will report misses in combat log now
    • Fixed the minor bugs with word emphasis in dialogs through bolding.
    • Fixed some issues with Grover's quest not being set to completed in the quest notes
    • Fixed an issue with a trapdoor in a certain bunker in Foundry not being properly unlocked in some instances
    • Fixed an issue with Azif sometimes not wanting to leave his starting zone
    • Fixed the Zone Rats not being hostile to mutants
    • Fixed the wounded man from a certain random event dying even if the player has healed him.
    • Fixed not being able to finish Gorsky's final mission in certain instances
    • Fixed an unclickable item in the abandoned sofa random encounter
    • Fixed invisible attackers during the Core City warehouse invasion
    • Fixed being able to talk to Daniel Arda in a situation where that shouldn't be possible
    • Minor dialog/map and scripting fixes

To play experimental branch on Steam, you right click the game in your library and go to "Betas" tab. To do so on GOG, you select the game and choose More->Settings. Make sure you don't override all your live version saves just in case something goes horribly wrong.

And finally, in regards to DLC development, the final dungeon is just about done. Though the dungeon is very small, we developed a lot of custom content for it specifically, so it took longer than expected (per usual). After we're done with the final dungeon we'll need some time to wrap things up and do some final testing and then the game is good to go.

That's it for now. Let us know what you thought of the trailer and the new experimental version. Enjoy the holidays and hopefully take some break from work like we will.

Merry Christmas! Christ is born!