Dev Log 72: Steam Deck Preparations


Hi guys,

Today we're pushing the version to the main branch. If you missed the original release on experimental, you can check out the previous dev log, as well as subsequent patch notes, to see what's it all about.

Next week we're going to release an update that will be focused around making the game functional on Steam Deck and Proton in general. The game might still not be as comfortable to play on Steam Deck as we are not going to implement a specialized UI or gamepad controls right now. That's a bigger undertaking that will have to wait until I've cleared some of my Infusion development schedule.

Underrail - On Screen Keyboard

But, while it might not be the best hand-held experience, the game should still be completely functional on Steam Deck. I've fixed the outstanding issues with Proton in regards to the slowdown (which should now make the game fully playable on Linux) and have implemented an on-screen keyboard to be used in few places where textual input is required.

Another big change that will be coming with the next update is support for Steam Cloud, which should be able to function with the game now as it's quite a bit more generous in regards of storage space than back when we originally considered it. That said, if you're like me and make a lot of separate save files, you might want to trim your Save folder if you intend to use this feature.

That's it for now, guys.