Author Topic: Psionic Samurai/Psi Ninja faailed, suggestion on what to do different?  (Read 1569 times)


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Hey! Been a hot minute since I played Underrail and with the new extension out I wanted to try out swords!

I really liked what they offered, but I felt just using them wouldn't be enough. SO I went down the psi path for thought control stuff. I was playing through most of it with focus on lockpicking/pickpocketting (found out Ninja looter has its uses, but is ultimately shit) Stealth as well, and as much Eva and Dodge as I could muster. and Ofc Melee too for sword and Thought Control.

It wasn't the easiest run I played:
7 Str
6 Dex
6 Agi
4 Con
5 Per (Oh god I regret this)  :'(
7 Will
5 Int

Used sneaking to my advntage and rolled some AWESOME stealth loof from vendors- as well as obtained good loot from pickpockets. But my main issues ran down to splitting what Feats I wanted between my sword and Psi

I ALWAYS take sure footed, its usefulness has never failed me. And as mentioned earlier, I regret taking Ninja Looter. I did grab yell as an early feat and it had its uses, never got to apply it to a sneaking enemy or crawler.

If I recall from there onward I got to level 8, had gotten Parry, Riposte, and Cerebral Trauma. Was gonna try to get things like Decapitate, Fancy Footwork, Evasion, and I had my eyes SET on Locus of Control.

By 8, I was:

7 str
7 dex
6 agi
4 con
4 per
8 wil
6 int

Aside from trying out swords (which I've enjoyed, pair well with daggers), I really wanted to use Bilocation and a few other mental abilities as I've never used this psi route before. I was tempted to try out this whole splitting between the psi schools, but seeing as this was a brand new feature I didn't want to experiment with its draw backs to much.

However, I quickly ran into the problem of machines spotting me (namely cameras), a significant lack of hacking skill and general lack of technology skills,  and Junkyard, which there I gave up on the character knowing that if you can't get past the Depot you're rightly fucked.

Main issue I had at junkyard was the Mutants. They kept spotting me in stealth, and I was to weak to be able to fight them with just melee and my limited psi abilities.


Forum folks, I ask if you could offer help! Either in suggestions of a new build that can apply sword to it, or maybe something new! I am VERY interested in the shotgun, in fact I was thinking I may try to replicate a Metathermic/Assault Rifle character I made before who was just devastating and I enjoyed quite a lot.


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imho it's a little bit hard to squeeze all those things into a single build.

Recite things you require:

1. A sword - pis framework, Thought Control specifically, Bilocation nonnegotiable

2. Stealthy, focus on lockpicking/pickpocket/hacking, also high if not max Evasion and Dodge

3. Sure Footed mandatory (i'll take it as Sure Step)

4. Crave for Decapitate, Fancy Footwork, Evasion(i'll take it as Evasive Maneuvers) or Locus of Control

5. Technology skills, not craftsmanship apprentice but a master

6. Powerful, very powerful. Dominate Dominating at least.

7. And "Maybe something new"

My solution:

1. Bilocation requires 7 will/LoC 10 Will,  Thought Control needs high Will to be functional, so 10 Will bottom line.

2. 10 Dex for Ripper, a must pick.

3. 5 Str minimum for swords.

4. This build starves for skill points, high Int is inevitable

5. Agility as high as possible, otherwise dodge and evasion investment are meaningless. So 10 Agi for Blitz since Loc+Mental Breakdown will buy extra turns to recover mp point, making it compatible with Evasive Maneuvers, like:

Turn 1: Stealth close+ LoC+Mental Breakdown+ Throw Caltrops to prepare for Frighten and Skip
Turn 2: Base(50)+Blitz(20, before Contraction)+Adrenaline(20)+Contraction(20)-Taser(10, to disable dodge and trigger Opportunist, essential for Flurry)- Jackknife Expose Weakness(5)- 4 Flurry (88, or 3 before getting Blitz) >0
Turn 3: Retreat and Restealth or Uncanny Dodge+ Maneuvers

6. Strip off your equipments from some burglar called Aran, Red Dragon should be your faith

7. Join JKK for persuasion equipment, if play on Dominating, play on classic.

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Swords dont really synergize with thot patrol.  Pseudo spatial projection is great.   If you want to use psi with swords I suggest TM most, PK next, MT third.  Tm is just fantastic.  More ap, more mp, stasis, sooner cooldowns.  PK gives you a three nice stuns and forcefield; premeditated electrokinesis is the best starter for flurry in the game..  MT gives you cryostasis which pairs very well with decapitate and is pretty useful in general.  MT's main weakness is robots which you can handle just fine with swords.