Author Topic: A thread about safety on the underrail forum  (Read 169 times)


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A thread about safety on the underrail forum
« on: October 13, 2021, 04:58:15 pm »
Hello everybody, as you probably have noticed a lot of bots have been posting on this forum. As harmless as this seems this is actually quite serious and could endanger your computer or phone, this is because these bot messages have hidden links in them. In this post I will share some images just so you know what to look out for.

How do I identify a bot post:
First lets talk about the important bit. How to identify a bot post so to not have possible malware installed onto your PC or mobile device. In each post made by a bot there is usually a small link that is so tiny its barley visible, Its there however and knowing how to spot it is important.
I have linked an image which shows a bot post and highlights the hidden link. If you do find a bot post that contains a hidden link don not attempt to click the link as I have no idea what it could do, just that it wont be very pleasant to you device. Always check for these hidden links before commenting underneath a post or interacting with it as you could accidently interact with the link.

Types of bot posts:
Some bot posts are not always malicious but rather just scumbags and scammers, you may have already see some posts on this forum advertise gambling websites or other sites that intend to suck money away from you. More commonly a bot post will try to seem human, asking questions such as "Any games you would recommend" or "Is there going to be an Underrail 2?". Before responding to these posts try to spot the orange link to see if its a bot post as sometimes these bots can know about game mechanics in Underrail to seem like your average poster. And finally a rarer bot would be one that pretends to be someone (Normally a woman) and try's to get people to talk to them through private messages, If your not 12 you probably wont fall for this.

What should I do after encountering a bot message:
The most important advice I can give you is DO NOT REPLY to the message. Seriously that's what they want, every comment a post gets sends it up to the top of the page for everyone to see, commenting that this is in fact a bot may lead to someone else clicking on the post and accidently interacting with the orange link. Ignore the bot or if its especially offensive report it to the moderators.

We have an infestation of these bots and the best thing to do is ignore them, by doing this you will save yourself and others from these abominations and allow this site to once again be about a game where you get stun locked, insta-killed and brutally dominated like the pipeworker you are that we all know and love. Feel free to comment on this post if you have any tips on how to avoid these bots that I have not mentioned. Stay safe people and god bless rathounds
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