Author Topic: Rate our (communism yes) Build: Megathried. Month 1: The Underutilized Xbower.  (Read 1490 times)


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Link your posts, I don't see much people talking about the silent and deadly crossbows. (I mean builds lol not posts, but feel free to link to other crossbow builds)

Here is a begnner rfiendly crossbow build at level 8, if anyone wants an explanation post it.

PS English is like my 3rd language have mercy.

The above build contains important breakpoints that a player must memorize, starting with 53 hackpicking and 45 mercantile.

(hey frogger7 go make a decent tier list)

If someone is willing to consider buying the game for a friend I iwll explain more in depth, I have over 1000 hours playing undeRRail

EDIT: In case it asn't clar, read the fucking shit again.
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Im working on maknig a guide for new players on DOMINATING. Help needed. Do not PM me.