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A bunch of ideas/suggestions
« on: March 22, 2022, 09:53:34 am »
So, i've played Underrail for more than 600 hours, tried almost every build, with the exception of melee, and let me get this straight, it's an amazing game


I think there's still a room for improvement

So I've decided to write some ideas (mostly related to combat mechanics)

1) HE grenades were useless even before expedition, and with the addition of plasma, they've become even less useful. Some people already suggested making them daze enemies, however this would turn them in yet another cc utility, and we already have flashbangs/stingball/smoke bombs. I think HE would work better as something similar to corrosive acid (or krak grenades in warhammer), dealing relatively low damage, but stripping armor, reducing mechanical damage resistance/threshold. This would make them actually useful for builds that struggle with high DT and tactically different from frags/plasma

2) There should be a way for xbowers/throwers to craft a cheap and sumple alternative to W2C ammo. Yes, there are acids, shock bolts and shurikens, but they are rare, expensive, annoying to craft and not that very effective. Something like tungsten arrows, that ignore some amount of mechanical DT/res at the cost of lower damage, or throwing axes, that deal more damage at the cost of having higher ap

3) Make spearhead rifles great again. I know it's probably won't happen, but it just feels so frustrating and almost embarrassing bnot having a single ap point to shoot twice in a turn without additional ap modificators.

4) Xbow builds are fun, but very frustrating to actually play. I would suggest removing marksman feat and additional ap cost for special bolts entirely, giving bolt quivers additional utility slot and adding more magnesium/napalm/shock dischargers to shops (or just letting player buy more of mk2 special bolts). Camp Hathor should sell bolt quiver as a guaranteed item, they are hunters, so it would make perfect sense

5) Merchant runs are still a pain in the ass to deal with, simply increasing amount of charons/items that can be sold by 30-40 percent would help tremendously. It's perfectly fine mechanic otherwise

6) Certain unique items (that are not faction related) should not be restricted to random events/difficulty setting

7) I would really love to see a difficulty between hard and dominating. With unique dominating only encounters and increased enemy count, but without selling cost penalty and with smaller enemy buffs

That's all for now, thanks for reading my rant. Also, english is not my first language, so apologies in advance for all the mistakes


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