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Dominating Crossbow Build (Updated)
« on: June 17, 2022, 02:20:41 pm »
I decided to update my old crossbow build for a new version

Build is Here:

(Numbers are min-maxed with benches - Lemurian Suit - Underpie- Hypercerebrix and other stuff).


Strength 3
Dexterity 6 (7 if you want quick tinkering)
Agility 7 (7 is a nice score, Hopper boots + Armor + Stake to buff to 10, 7 base for improved naval combat)
Constitution 3
Perception 10 (each bonus point go here)
Will 3
Intelligence 8 (7 is ok too, i just would like to have one more psi slot)

Core Feats:
Marksman (we will use only special bolts)
Strafe (to eliminate -10 Shoot and move penalty)
Recklessness (crit is good)
Grenadier (early for damaging grenades, later mosly for the utility ones)
Premeditation - Free Stasis or Electrokinesis
Ambush - I Prefer this feat over Deadly snares and bear traps
Special Tactics - 1 free atack on your first turn
Psycho-Temporal Acceleration - we need that 20 AP bonus for 3 rounds to get 5 crossbow shots (14x5)
Critical Power - Our main source of damage
Bowyer - More damage
Elemental Bolts - Core feat of this build
Increased Perception - More damage and accuracy
Scrutinous - More crit chance

There are 4 more feats to choose from. You can pick Quick Tinkering (7 DEX) + Deadly Snares, Blindsiding, Sprint, Nimble, Hit and Run, Pack Rathound, Power Managment (For shields mostly), Paranoia, Trigger Happy, Interloper, Opportunist, Quick Pockets, Versality and Cooked Shot (for acid chemical pistols combo, need to have more dex for this to work), Escape Artist (7 dex and 30 dodge)

Psi Abilities:

TM: Psycho-temporal Contraction, Stasis and Dilation
Psychokinesis: Electrokinesis, Electrokinetic Imprint (I prefer this to bear traps) and Telekinetic Proxy (Light source for Ambush).


Crossbow - Max
Throwing - Effective 124 to get max accuracy, no reason to have more
Stealth - Max or you can go lower
Hacking - Effective 130 without Haxor for all checks
Lockpicking - 50 base is enought, you can have more
Traps - 90 effective skill to use all traps, 33 base is enought with gear

Mechanics - Effective 128 for best crossbow, 144 if you want infused pig striders boots with q 160 spring
Electronics - Effective 166 for Low-Low-Efficient or High-High-Efficient shields
Chemistry - Effective 80 for Rusting Acid Bolts
Biology -Effective 115 for regenerative Mixture, if you dont want this one, can go to 90 for super health hypos
Tailoring - 156 for Infused Rathound Leather Armor +q160 Black Cloth and q160 Soft Padding

Psychokinesis - 55 (45 if you dont like Proxy)
Temporal Manipulation - 70

Mercantile - 95 effective to get Constantine's special stock

Leftovers can go to Evasion.

Shields - Low-Low Efficient or High-High Efficient
Cloaking Device
Seeker Night Vision Googles (+19 crit)
Infused Rathound Leather Armor (+11 crit)
Anatomically - Aware Pneumatic Cyclone Crossbow
Høddurform - in ofhand for easier Ambush
Side Weapons - Jackknife and Remote Controle Glove
Belt - Bolt Quiver to get 14 AP shot for Pneumatic Cyclone Crossbow
Boots - Tabi or Infused Pig Leather Strider Boots (-90 to stealth but we should be fine with that malus)

Tips -
Get Remote Controle Glove from Phreak for +10 Hacking and Electronics before you side with Oligarchs
Get Biology belt in Institute (Choose Genetics)
MK III Grenades and Mines Before Depot A is ok, dont try to push for MK IV that early.

Final conclusion - Crossbow kinda sucks, if you want stealth ranged build with crossbow-and-traps-like gameplay, try hight-dex energy pistols build.

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Re: Dominating Crossbow Build (Updated)
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2022, 02:20:53 pm »
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Re: Dominating Crossbow Build (Updated)
« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2022, 11:01:29 pm »
 Crossbows are need some way to ensure crits, and ambush is very situational: a lot of difficult battles doesn't allow you to set up it properly, arena or grey army base for example, I think deadly traps and quick trinket is a must for any xbow build.