Author Topic: Fire Emblem: Engage - [Releasing 20/1/2023]  (Read 2468 times)


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Fire Emblem: Engage - [Releasing 20/1/2023]
« on: January 07, 2023, 11:23:33 am »
Greetings, Underrail Community!

When I think about 'Turn Based Combat', I think about Fire Emblem: 3 Houses (2019), a turn based combat strategy game which is main entry number 16 in the Fire Emblem Franchise. I've spent a very significant amount of time in that game, and got very invested in it's world, because I thought it's world was super interesting: with bloodlines, nobles and commoners, an ancient race of dragonlike creatures who can shapeshift into human form, a dramatic twist in the story, special weapons tied to Crests, the latter of which are passed down through bloodlines, colorful personalities, and beautiful music. Meanwhile, what also kept me going back into that world, was it's high difficulty mode. The challenge of clearing the stages with highly difficult conditions kept me returning to the game over and over again.

Main entry number 17, Fire Emblem Engage (2023), is releasing 20/1/2023, and I've been, casually/partially enthusiastically, keeping up with news from the official Fire Emblem Japan Twitter. With less than two weeks to release day, I'd like to ask: Is there anyone here who is also looking forward to the release of the new game, or have played 3 Houses before?