Dev Log #73: Version and the Incoming DLC


Version and the Incoming DLC

Version is deployed to the main branch today, preparing the game for the incoming Heavy Duty DLC.

Dev Log #72: Steam Deck Preparations


Steam Deck Preparations

Version is pushed to the main branch today. Update making the game functional on Steam Deck coming next week.

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Heavy Duty is the smaller of the two DLCs and focuses primarily on expanding the game's weapon selection.

It also adds a new special high-level side mission that is designed specifically to challenge even the most hardcore Underrail veterans, especially on higher difficulties.

Heavy Duty adds three new weapon types.

Grenade launchers, which fall under the Guns skill, are AoE weapons that can have one of two calibers 25mm and 40mm, each of them coming with different special grenades they can fire.

Machine guns and miniguns are burst-only weapons that are governed by a new Heavy Guns skill. They are more powerful than assault rifles, but are also less precise and more ammo-hungry.

The new mission takes you to a strange military compound where the forsaken soldiers still hold guard over its secrets.

Here, your Underrail skills and your character's build will be put to the ultimate test.