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General / Infusion unarmed combat
« on: May 06, 2022, 03:13:34 am »
With Infusion and its far more flexible animation capability would it be possible to have unarmed combat with really cool moves like roundhouse kicks or slamming characters' heads against walls and objects, and various wrestling moves like clotheslines and elbow drops? It's like an opportunity waiting to happen to make unarmed combat very cool-looking and fleshed out.

Bugs / Protectorate spy ending bug
« on: April 24, 2022, 05:42:25 pm »
Outing the spy in the Free Drones and ending the game without finishing the Free Drones questline still mentions "Free Drones remained constant nuisance, however... With a Protectorate spy in their midst, even more so than before." in the Protectorate ending slide

It has very little reason to be picked up because not only can the player simply manage their inventory better but there already are several ways of increasing carrying weight capacity and 50 is insignificant for high-strength builds. If it were to prevent you from getting completely encumbered (capping it instead at heavily encumbered) it would be extremely useful for the actual hoarders this feat panders to that want to take everything not nailed down because they don't have to make several return trips.

Bugs / Ezra dialogue bug
« on: April 16, 2022, 05:12:43 pm »

Bugs / Lunatics do not use their spells in real-time mode
« on: April 15, 2022, 03:56:03 pm »
I was in the Utility Station to kill the Lunatics there and I baited a bunch of Death Stalkers to them and ended combat. All the Lunatics elected to use their firearms against the Death Stalkers in real-time mode instead of their spells.

Bugs / Certain status effects still apply when in Stasis
« on: April 15, 2022, 03:54:37 pm »
Anything that presumably does not need to have any damage pass through in order to apply a status effect, like Tackled and Suppressive Fire, can apply it despite being in Stasis.

Bugs / Missing jet skier portraits
« on: April 15, 2022, 05:22:29 am »

A bunch of pirates in front of Port Ceto's big gate with the lever have no portraits.

Bugs / Experience bar visual bug
« on: April 15, 2022, 05:21:31 am »
From level 27 to level 28 I was at 61 points and the bar looked fully green instead of having one yellow.

I got the Core City house and wanted to organize items into different shelves but it's also an inconvenient process of manually dumping every item from inventory, is it possible to add a button to add all items from the inventory window of the same type to the container and vice versa?
For that matter it would also be neat if there was a possibility of changing container names in your houses.

It's quite literally a part of the Jaws pylon that keeps them trapped in the Black Sea, and since they're also corrupted to various degrees by (Flottsørmir, and it works great against both the Shadowlith pieces and the Void Snakes) it would be cool if it had some unique effect maybe depending on the stage of corruption, at the very least Intimidation against Krigsfar and more debilitating effects against mutated enemies like Skærders such as dazing or temporarily disabling their hand-mutations.

I contacted the Ferryman over the navcom about the LEMCO mines, told me to get there personally, then I told Aegis about the mines and had them moved because I negotiated safe passage for the laborers with the pirates. I finally go to the Ferryman but I get the option to tell him about the mines I had already gotten moved.

They're mecha piloted by humans, they're not robots!

Bugs / Immunity to fear blocks cerebral acidization
« on: April 13, 2022, 02:30:36 am »

Even when the new belt has the same amount of slots all the utility items that went into the slots it maintained go back into inventory.

Bugs / Stealth mode cooldown goes back to 10 seconds when reloading
« on: April 10, 2022, 03:32:49 pm »
Is it intentional? Because stealth mode is a conventional ability and thus can also get affected by things like Limited Temporal Increment.

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