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Builds / Thoughts on a Riot Gear Shield & Sword, pure melee build
« on: June 04, 2021, 09:01:57 am »
Greetings. I have been playing for a while, mostly perception builds guided by aesthetics before crafting (AR and thought control Gray Army Spec Ops; chemical pistols and sniper with metathermics CAU armor), and aim to change that. Surely the answers will be of use for anyone looking for iterations of sword combat.

I have two intrigues: throwing feats and shield materials.

How would Three-pointer compare to Grenadier? Even though I used them each in separate runs, I'm not sure about the difference in terms of damage - or even utility. The latter, because as it is to be expected with swords; machines (and armoured things in general) will be a pain until crafting a good one with electricity or energy damage (or getting the Red Dragon as I intend to). In that sense, Grenadier can get more with EMP and blast (even MK V) grenades instead three-pointer. Earlier in the run, and with less skill points. Throwing knives are tempting, but well, they don't have the proper feats. What do experienced melee fighters or grenadiers say? Particularly with any sinergy of three-pointer and critical power.

In second place. Would a super steel shield or one of TiChrome be worth it despite the armor penalty; or giving my many sources of block, a burrower caparace would suffice? I haven't had the chance to test the damage of shield bash, vanity of my interest along the "role" side of Ripper and the 2 points added to intelligence. Although for this last aspect, I justify it as a base need for the many skills points required to craft e. g. a regenerative vest. And 1 for the Red Dragon.

As for the build itself, this has constitution invested for thick skull - since crawlers, coil spiders and psi users are going to be an issue. Brutality looks fun as cc, it's benefit from Death's Grin and the fact that I haven't tried it yet. The build shall pass on lockpicking. It focuses on hacking for lore, the large field of use and even joining CoreTech for the Scrambler will help. This is my first build with invested mercantile, it should have the cap that most make do.

Escape artist was nice to have with a fist build and temporal manipulation support I used previously (my first melee actually, aside from a wasted versatility feat used for a sporadic spear in the Assault Rifle one). Throwing nets and acid blobs can get you stuck for increased damage and following stuns. For sprint and the limited mobility of a still kind of heavy outfit, it looks interesting the chance of using infused cave hopper tabi boots, for the reduced cooldown. The armor penalty is too heavy to benefit from fancy footwork (and it would make it hurt even more whenever flurry misses its target). The long run is to see myself with Captain's Cutlass and Red Dragon, getting more out of Expedition content first. And the ocassional machete.

It is important to note that I'm playing in normal difficulty, so there's not so much min/maxed with the attributes. And I have more experience with tailoring than with mechanics. Maybe I can redirect there some skillpoints from traps. Someday I will think of something that gets to use the psi beetle benefits, perhaps a energy pistol user for the phaser and the sonocaster guns, but this build has kept me busy. It's very fun planning to this degree this character.

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