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Suggestions / Re: Infused leather gloves should have special effects
« on: July 31, 2021, 07:54:28 am »
While I like the thought of it, it would obsoletize even more Metal gloves. At the same time, they could get a buff to avoid somewhat such effect. Giving them a lesser defense of Boots occurs to me like a solution. Steel and Tungsten mechanical reduction, TiChrome heat resistance and Super Steel for some mild energy shielding. To compare, there's already Spear guard or the incentive of Lifting Belt for sledgehammers as forms of protection.

Slippery siphoner leather can be an additional tabi boot when infused... or not. With Lighting Punches, there's already plenty of AP cost reduction. Now we would risk making unarmed less appealing. What about a chance to obtain AP depending on leather quality? A melee version of a Dragunov giving much less AP maybe isn't as broken.

Next, a small amount of acid damage that infused mutant dog leather would do, wyrms with the rusting version. Nothing too fancy, just as Rust Maker, hah.

But at this point, it sounds more like cosmetic effects than a game-changing implementation.

Builds / Re: Thoughts on a Riot Gear Shield & Sword, pure melee build
« on: July 02, 2021, 04:47:03 am »
Indeed, gameplay did make me reconsider some parts of this melee idea. Sure step also ended up being overshadowed when Juggernaut or Fast Metabolism had more to offer given the high armor penalty. Funnily enough, mid game was fine - Grenadier tends to do that. A big mistake was postponing Expose Weakness against bots and crabs in the DLC. Parry and TiChrome shield made me impervious to crawlers and natives though.

Giving up Thick Skull allows investing more dexterity, among other things.

Builds / Re: thought control build
« on: June 28, 2021, 10:45:00 pm »
Yes, the normal stats or base value of a skill is checked to learn a new ability or acquire a new feat, not the effective value (the total calculation and what shows in parentheses). So if something indicates that requires 35 skill, you need to invest the 35 points.

Bugs / Re: Report spelling/grammar errors
« on: June 18, 2021, 07:52:36 pm »
At the Jacob variation of the Harland missing camera quest in SGS.

"This place is finnaly in order" instead of "finally".

Builds / Re: Suggestions for Shotgun/Psi Build
« on: June 12, 2021, 05:55:33 am »
Well, there's this build that I want to try, but goes more of psi support than a main focus. And I don't know how viable it will be for dominating. I'm leaving some points and a feat out to facilitate customization, you can see my objective was critical damage with unique shotguns and armor outfits, although crafting with feats tends to be the superior option. Perhaps you can add stealth along tabi boots and overcoats to give you that planning possibility (but why being stealthy with a shotgun?), or choose metathermics for the CC of cryostasis and the inmunity of exothermic aura.

You could tell us what changes did you make

Suggestions / Re: New Weapon Suggestion: Clubs
« on: June 09, 2021, 07:42:03 am »
Good slots for the blueprint, but wouldn't clubs require a handle? As hammers, knifes and machetes do, or shafts for spears.

A unique club with some psi sinergy? If I may. A Goliathus Horn -perhaps there are better names-. Weapon crafted out of biology and a bit of mechanics skill of the respective material. Two versions with the same special bonus [Catalyst], but both have a 5 intelligence requirement otherwise the horn will be an inert source of mechanical damage. They are incompatible with Energy Edge Emitters or Electroshock generators, and are repaired with patching kits as you would sew again leather armor. By lore, I would assume that imbuing them in unsaturated psionic catalyst is a good measure to keep the affinity. That said, I don't know if the psi affinity of beetles are valid for their mature horns just as they are for their carapaces. Oh well

The light version is made with only one horn (and handle?) and costs 15 ap. The idea is having an on hit effect similar to the contamination of The Claw fist weapon, but with a buff for the player instead of a debuff inflicted in the enemy: you use the horn as a catalyst that helps you focus your abilities. Landing a hit with the crafted weapon can facilitate directing your surges of psionic energy, giving you the Surge status. Surge makes your next psi ability have increased precision or encounter decreased resistance against an enemy, dealing additional damage by a percentage (How about 10%?). Doesn't cancel inmunities, so it's still a bad idea to try electrocute a coil spider. Stacks 2 times, they last 2 turns. 20% status effect activation chance for the light variant.

Heavy variant: A mace made of the twin horns of an Azuridae Goliathus sculpted together. 6 strenght requirement. Increased mechanical damage and catalyst effect (I don't have much experience with psi other than thought control, so I'm not sure how much of a game changer will be a difference of 15% or 20% increased damage), at the cost of 20 ap and still less blunt damage than sledgehammers. 40% chance to activate surge.

tl;dr use the beetles. Perhaps their horns can be infused (treated with super steel fiber) for such intricate bonus, other than "decrease psi cost" of shields or "increase psi skill" of the headbands.

Back to the suggestion. I like the incentive to crippling strike (and shields). Debilitator and Opportunist would sound like a dangerous combo to use... or confront.

Suggestions / Re: New clothing type for Underrail infusion
« on: June 08, 2021, 08:05:02 am »
Since poison damage is inflicted once the substance it's inside the victim's body, it doesn't make sense that a piece of cloth, no matter the weight, turns it less lethal. Still, I like the idea of giving fabrics a bit more love. It's very recurring to find builds with Armor Sloping or even Ballistics feats, I have made one with Skinner, yet I have not had the occasion of seeing one with Clothier. Many other, say, defensive or crafting options are always preferable.

You made me think of an answer to further develop the additional leather component that you propose (which inverts the current crafting design of leather armor), that is if it's considered appropiate. Let's take your idea of using one fabric as base for the robe - black, antithermic, heavier ones like kevlar or blast. In case of using the secondary component, they would still offer less protection than leather armor o tactical vests. So only glass cannons or agile builds would take them as you said. I get the point that this further sacrifices resistance to projectiles to get that elemental damage reduction and the lowest armor penalty (kevlar alone being less than when with a ballistic plate in the chest, unless you manage to craft something like the Tyrys fibers of Aegis). So, as for having an additional cloth, there's the possibility of a relatively light Biohazard - NBC piece of rubber. At the moment, Heartbreaker serpent skin or Biohazard Vests are the only sources of biological protection for crafting. I think it should be acceptable to give the fabric option. After all, those must be some of the materials used for the unique armors. This considering how improbable is to see the player using the Biohazard suit in combat, when a sea serpent, mutant dog or Chemical Assaul Unit armor is chosen first for its specialized bio and/or acid defenses. If the suggestion is for Infusion, it can't make Depot A obsolete, haha.

Speaking of new types, gas masks can be a compromise of mechanics and tailoring as lighter helmets with the option of respirators. But maybe I'm biased, because I'm fascinated with them. Nevertheless, they can get the dodge penalties of googles. Their bonus being protection and even night vision (looking at you, Grey Army Spec Ops), but not perception or other effects so that lens stay relevant.

And, it ocurred to me some potential for Biology and further customization for the padding, be it for the robe crafting suggestion or the other armor types. Bones. The more hellish the creature, the more the skill required. Can you imagine looking even slightly similar to Bænkräster? The Iron Heads motifs were skulls. We already use carapaces of insects and crustaceans for shields. Give an alternative to the concept behind the Lawgiver Helmet to enhance the Yell feat and intimidation in general. Not that we didn't have it (mutant dogs), but it can fit with the post apocalyptic theme... although we get that North Underrail is more civilized than South, lore wise. Still, I found it worthy of mention. It can even offer some small mechanical resistance depending of the creature, so if you want to stay light you only look for certain ones to get the intimidation bonus, or if you can spare the armor penalty, add (literally) the bulk of your trophies.

Builds / Re: Thoughts on a Riot Gear Shield & Sword, pure melee build
« on: June 05, 2021, 11:16:06 pm »
Thanks for the input. I've actually noticed that the build had a few too many points in hacking, so I corrected them for electronics to get high tier EMP grenades. You give a good insight for decapitate that I didn't consider, especially if I'm going to explore the savage lands north of the Black Sea.

One was timid of not investing in evasion despite seeing it not worth it for dominating runs, but yeah - a low frequency energy shield could protect the player against crossbows while the vest and a kevlar overcoat cushion enemy bullets. Maybe a blast cloth if grenades get too scary? Natives don't use explosives though

I put a hold on paranoia for the low perception to benefit detection, and the fact of being no longer sure if the extra initiative from it (or trigger happy for that matter) is worth the feat. More when one can plan the attacks with enter and throwing caltrops. Maybe it can get much more with Yell as a detector and defensive skill with the DG headwear intimidation bonus; expose weakness against high mechanical thresholds, fast metabolism for healing the receiving damage, or even one of the throwing knives feat with a utility belt if I were to keep the heavy throwing investment (hypothetically a regenerating vest covering for the action cost of health hypos and other medicines with the frequent Doctor's pouch). Also, alternatively to CoreTech in case of not having interest in hacking bots, Yell could get potential from Praetorian Lawgiver. Lastly, boarding up or Quick Pockets would be available too, probably to the lesser extent.

About reducing will, sounds good, although I don't know if it will lose much damage without Ripper. It's not the most optimal, yet I don't mind eating eel sandwiches for the extra point (but I wonder if it's enough for the dexterity check of Void at the Protectorate questline. I remember that in expedition there are some of a value of 10).

Builds / Re: Looking for an AR/Pistol build
« on: June 04, 2021, 10:04:23 am »
Heavier as only for the weapon Assault Rifle part, or for armor too? I only bought the game shortly after a certain african warlord made a video of it, but to my understanding the tin man (practically Gorsky) AR build is of the oldest and maybe seen as straighforward builds. Or, instead of metal armor, you can use heavy leper serpent or sea wyvern leather armor. The tailoring craft does not require the strenght of the tin can (more than 6 for ARs or 7 for Full Auto feat).

Maybe you can get a use out of Gunslinger for initiative, and alternating burst fire of the main rifle with bullet time for the pistol, between reloads. That, because I assume this is a non psi build. In which case, you can start at will 3 for the dexterity investment required by pistols besides the perception as for the rest of guns. Kneecap shot would be a good slow to have, consider too that you will have the dexterity for quick tinkering against nasty crawlers.

You could think of putting points in constitution for thick skull because you can be susceptible to CC. Or not and prefer grenades to CC first. Some defense is to be considered since you'll get more of a Bullet Strap Belt than a doctor's pouch for medicines. Perhaps suppresive fire could help you deal with snipers, who are out of you reach, but I wouldn't rely on it. To such combination, I see a must a feat of increased perception at veteran levels. Maybe the use of googles and mushroom salads for that bonus effective skill. When not a metal helmet that makes you inmune to flashbangs.

I'll say, don't forget about mobility or contingencies when focusing on balancing two different types of weapon. Otherwise, one could be listing the many possibilities available, proven or to be tested.

Builds / Thoughts on a Riot Gear Shield & Sword, pure melee build
« on: June 04, 2021, 09:01:57 am »
Greetings. I have been playing for a while, mostly perception builds guided by aesthetics before crafting (AR and thought control Gray Army Spec Ops; chemical pistols and sniper with metathermics CAU armor), and aim to change that. Surely the answers will be of use for anyone looking for iterations of sword combat.

I have two intrigues: throwing feats and shield materials.

How would Three-pointer compare to Grenadier? Even though I used them each in separate runs, I'm not sure about the difference in terms of damage - or even utility. The latter, because as it is to be expected with swords; machines (and armoured things in general) will be a pain until crafting a good one with electricity or energy damage (or getting the Red Dragon as I intend to). In that sense, Grenadier can get more with EMP and blast (even MK V) grenades instead three-pointer. Earlier in the run, and with less skill points. Throwing knives are tempting, but well, they don't have the proper feats. What do experienced melee fighters or grenadiers say? Particularly with any sinergy of three-pointer and critical power.

In second place. Would a super steel shield or one of TiChrome be worth it despite the armor penalty; or giving my many sources of block, a burrower caparace would suffice? I haven't had the chance to test the damage of shield bash, vanity of my interest along the "role" side of Ripper and the 2 points added to intelligence. Although for this last aspect, I justify it as a base need for the many skills points required to craft e. g. a regenerative vest. And 1 for the Red Dragon.

As for the build itself, this has constitution invested for thick skull - since crawlers, coil spiders and psi users are going to be an issue. Brutality looks fun as cc, it's benefit from Death's Grin and the fact that I haven't tried it yet. The build shall pass on lockpicking. It focuses on hacking for lore, the large field of use and even joining CoreTech for the Scrambler will help. This is my first build with invested mercantile, it should have the cap that most make do.

Escape artist was nice to have with a fist build and temporal manipulation support I used previously (my first melee actually, aside from a wasted versatility feat used for a sporadic spear in the Assault Rifle one). Throwing nets and acid blobs can get you stuck for increased damage and following stuns. For sprint and the limited mobility of a still kind of heavy outfit, it looks interesting the chance of using infused cave hopper tabi boots, for the reduced cooldown. The armor penalty is too heavy to benefit from fancy footwork (and it would make it hurt even more whenever flurry misses its target). The long run is to see myself with Captain's Cutlass and Red Dragon, getting more out of Expedition content first. And the ocassional machete.

It is important to note that I'm playing in normal difficulty, so there's not so much min/maxed with the attributes. And I have more experience with tailoring than with mechanics. Maybe I can redirect there some skillpoints from traps. Someday I will think of something that gets to use the psi beetle benefits, perhaps a energy pistol user for the phaser and the sonocaster guns, but this build has kept me busy. It's very fun planning to this degree this character.

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