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The Build (lvl20)

STR      3    -Carry less items, but more fat
DEX      13   -10 AP throwing knife
AGI      3    -Overrated
CON      12   -More health and damage resistance
PER      3    -No investment needed
WILL     3    -No investment needed
INT      8    -Higher quality craft

Essential feats (in order):
Trigger Happy
Power Management
Quick Tinkering
Escape Artist
Cooked Shot
Split Stare
Quick Pockets

Optional feats after level 16:
Pack Rathound
Remote Surgeon
Last Stand
Fatal Throw
Increased Constitution
Expert Throwing
Fast Metabolism

At least 2 levels in Quick Tinkering AP cost

Psi abilities:
EK Imprint
      -Cheap stun trap with short cooldown
TK Grounding
      -Big brother of throwing net
Disruptive Field   
      -Humiliates snipers
Force Field
      -Surpisingly effective control tool
      -Expensive but reliable stun
//Telekinetic Punch
      -Relatively cheap and weak finisher
//Telekinetic Proxy
      -Light source for 10 AP

Motion Tracking Googles
   -increases detection, provides NV for knife throws
Regenerative Nanocomposite Overcoat
   -massive defence against ARs and SMGs, can even tank 1-3 sniper shots in a single turn if shield is on.
Efficient High/High Fq Emitter
   -general defence
Amplified Low/Low Fq Emitter
-resists crossbows and melee better
*Amplifier quality must be below 50
Infused Ancient Rathound Tabi Boots
   -resist more mechanical damage
Balaclava, CH Leather Overcoat, Ninja Tabi and Cloaking Device

Knife Thrower's Gloves
Poisoned Throwing Knives
Acid Blob Pistol   
   -entangle groups of enemies with Cooked Shot.
Burrower Poison Bear Traps
   -applies 2 stacks of poison
Acid Blob Traps
   -bear trap, but deals more damage
Cryoliquid Blob Traps (mk.2 and mk.3)
   -bear trap, but incapacitates enemies

Sources of poisons before DLC:
Burrower Poison
-Traders in Junkyard and Hathor, any firearms merchant
Cave Ear Poison
-Farmable in SGS, you need to open the door in Quinton's lab. Opening the door without stealth will provoke him, but you can enter the lab freely.
Black Dragon Poison
-Farmable in Lower Caves
Crawler Poison
-Farmable in Upper Caves, often sold by Old Jonas, Ola, Becket, sometimes sold by any merchant that sells firearms, traders in Junkyard and Hathor.


I just wanted to get my EK Imprint, made a couple stupid mistakes and accidentaly agro'd Lurker Base. Won that fight anyway.

TK Grounding held Balor for 3 turns after he somehow dodged my cryoliquid trap

Forgor to equip stealth items

Again failed stealth approach pretty much instantly, had to push through southwest room into northwest room to the safe corner between the doors

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