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General / Re: Something you wish was different or added to the game?
« on: March 12, 2021, 09:27:07 am »
I forgot to mention, though this is just flair/world building, children are missing. It is kind of weird to never ever see a child in the game and wondering "how are they multiplying?". Even Fallout 1+2 had children around.

It's bad because of the opposite reason you said. It makes 0 stealth character unviable for most stealth-only quests, like that JKK mail bomber ones, or gray army base. Both can be brute-forced, but still viable enough for 0 stealth characters with high tailoring.

Ofc it's all very few in number, but still kinda sucks. And due to how the game mechanic works, yellow or green eye only affects its "timer", doesn't affect their actual detection. Probably gives you 1-3 seconds delay at best.
Basically just adding more tedium in the game, unless Styg reworked the entire mechanic.

Wait, so you feel characters should not suffer some consequences for having no stealth when engaging in, potential, stealth quests?  ::)

Builds / Re: Dominating crit psi question
« on: March 08, 2021, 12:21:44 pm »
I go with all 4 schools, keeping TM at 70 though I also go with 12 int.
I'm not sure if this is troll or you play on easy, because 4 school is shit after the Psi Rework. Let alone innervation slot, you could barely cast stuff without exhausting your psi points, thus requiring unnecessary psi booster feats. Even 3 school is already pretty exhausting. 70 TM is barely viable because it still left you with huge chance of PTC backlash. If you still kept the mentality of adrenaline + PTC, you'll have a VERY bad time and enjoying 10 AP for 3 seconds after that...

I am not sure if I should take you seriously at all and I am not playing on easy difficulty, far from it in fact. PSI before the changes was one of the absolutely most destructive builds out there. Full PSI still works you just have more tedium with innvervating now but it is not like you deal less damage you just innervate according to the enemies given. PSI inhalants cost a little but not so much that you will be begging out in the Drop Zone of Core City for scraps.
70 TM with 15 will and PSI headbands+PSI beetle carapace does work well enough. APE, Hemopsychosis, mufflers and soup do suffice and you can one shot most groups with LoC+Mania+Trance+NO. Crit PSI does not need to care all that much about efficiency once you get to level 16+. You struggle more early game but much of that can be circumvented via stealth or right gameplay/skill choices.

Builds / Re: Dominating crit psi question
« on: March 07, 2021, 02:47:12 pm »
I go with all 4 schools, keeping TM at 70 though I also go with 12 int.

Good idea imho.

Suggestions / Re: Premeditation should work like Special Tactics
« on: March 07, 2021, 12:46:35 pm »
No thanks.

Development Log / Re: Dev Log #68: The Psi Question
« on: February 20, 2021, 12:35:00 pm »
Wow, I picked an interesting time to come back after not having played for 4 years. So a big set of restrictions JUST got made for Psionics, eh?
Tbh it's actually not as bad as some people said.
It just limits the Psi, from swiss knife with huge-ass machete attachment, to a specialised toolbox.
You can still play as hybrid, but you need to think which skills will help your build. For example, sniper metathermics still able to do their old strategy, with ThermoD or Cryogenic Induction's shatter with splash of Temporal Manipulation for LTI and PTC. It's still within a class idea. But now you can't suddenly shoot ice chunks or summon hose of fire or rewind and stop time.
But in this case, TM now requires you to max it out instead of just 40 point wonder, which is honestly very fair.

Tl;dr it ain't that bad, just plan your character and skills they need

Hybrid is barely touched by this, only pure PSI has suffered significantly. AR was and still is superior to PSI. What many liked about PSI WAS the flexibility in approaches. Now? Most will spam the same 1-3 loadouts over and over. This update has made previously niche PSI abilities basically worthless.

While I agree Snooping isn't really a good feat I don't think it's the most worthless feat in the game when we have:

Perfect Scattering <- the most worthless feat in the game
Ninja Looter <- you don't need it for more loot, just pump pickpocketing skill
Burglar <- just pump stealth skill/gear instead of wasting a feat slot
Tempered: Heat <- CON 12 requirement is just too high
Tempered: Acid <- see above
Tempered: Cold <- see above
Tempered: Electricity <- see above

Tempered Electricity kinda good since it reduced NO, which usually the bane of tanky build.

Also for OP, perception secrets are usually kinda okay for oddities playthrough, it adds exp early on, making the game a bit easier before Depot A. And you could just skip stuff if you're on Oddities run.

With a 12 con requirement the only sensible thing to do for Styg is rolling them all together into one feat ala "Resist Elements". We only have 3 slots for this and 12 con is a steep investment, most builds at most need 9. There needs to be a VERY good reason to drop 2 points or more from your main stat for this and in its current iteration outside of something very niche they are not worth it and probably the weakest veteran feats.

Impressive, might try it out myself at some point.  :)

General / Re: Finally a real review of this game.
« on: February 05, 2021, 03:39:49 am »
i laughed at the 0 point in trap skill comment, that was exactly my reaction when i started looking at 3 per 0 trap skill builds in this forum.

Interesting review in general, as for the respec option, i like that there is none because i like the tension of choice and consequences, even when i make bad choices.

Stuffed Bat
Detrection goggles

With those you will not have many problems finding traps when you have 3 perception.

Builds / Re: Force Emission based puncher?
« on: January 26, 2021, 09:49:58 am »
Characters regenerate health only when above 90% or 95% of HP. Below that, they don't regenerate HP.

Above 85% actually.

Builds / Re: Another Stumped N00b Thread
« on: January 01, 2021, 12:54:45 pm »
Yeah around 8 is when you enter Depot A, usually getting to 9 and then relatively close to 10 by the end of Depot A but never reached 10 once that is with murdering dozens of Cavehoppers just for the damn oddity.

Builds / Re: Assault Rifle / Thought Control hybrid
« on: December 08, 2020, 01:24:12 pm »
Well even with my suggestion you would be able to reach 7 int. The question would be if you want LoC at 14 or not.

Builds / Re: Casino Underrail - a .44 Hammerer build
« on: December 08, 2020, 12:36:13 pm »
Watching your Lunatic mall video, I noticed that you have nothing in your other hand. Did you consider using a 5mm Hawker there to dispatch projections? Or does that go too much against the build concept?

Not gonna lie that mental image on the toilet seat made me chuckle. Well done. That portrait though looks female to me by the way.  ;)

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