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General / Tranquility specialization?
« on: November 26, 2020, 05:36:13 am »
I have never tried it out. Doing some math assuming 90 AP from Adrenaline and Haste It does not seem overly impressive tbh. I can squeeze in two more NOs but not even one more TD. Base cost of ED seems to high for a spammable ability to make much of a difference. I guess it might work nice for Meta+Thermodynamicity but I never tried that and it seems in that case you would get more mileage out of Thermodynamicity specialization.

Anyone tried it out and got some good results with it?

Builds / Advice for my sniper build
« on: December 17, 2019, 04:47:45 pm »

My question is would this Sniper be able to stealth kill isolated targets with his SMG using those talents? I simply have too little experience with SMGs to know what exactly you need to be able to stealth kill reliably with them or pistols for that matter. Would getting Expertise for Recklessness be a better choice?

General / Anything for PSI from faction items?
« on: December 07, 2019, 11:53:08 am »
Just wondering if any of the factions have something for PSI characters? Have not had the time to play the current patch much.

General / Your opinion on uniques?
« on: February 14, 2019, 06:42:32 am »
While trying out a new sniper build I was thinking about usable uniques and forgo crafting mostly. From what I can see, the only two categories with at least one decent enough unique are imho firearms and melee has even multiple decent weapons, the other categories seem to be a bit lackluster.
As someone who plays Sniper builds a lot I must say that I find the unique sniper rifles disturbingly lackluster.

Dragunov: It has no benefits over a Spearhead apart from it being available without crafting. For some reason, it cannot beat a basic rapid variant at anything. The damage really is nothing special, it has no precision bonus, even though it has a scope on the small icon and no crit bonus whatsoever and the penalties after moving and close combat are not better than that of the Spearhead plus it still costs more AP to fire, granted only 1 but still. If I remember correctly the weapon was introduced before Spearheads appeared, so I guess not giving it at least one edge over Spearheads was an oversight.
I guess the only really positive thing I can say about it that it is available early and basically can be picked up right along the way of a quest.

At the very least one can say that even a real life Dragunov comes with a scope, which makes the lack of precision bonus really confounding.

AFW: Again a complete lack of precision bonus, which is baffling. The crit bonus is worse than a standard anatomically aware scope, the 5% extra crit over standard is not worth a lot considering that you use Snipe and Aimed Shot most of the time on a Sniper build. The base damage is nothing to fawn over either. You also have to go out of your way and sneak into the Beasts lair to acquire, a minor hassle but still a hassle. Funny enough the weapon icon shows a scope AND a bipod, making the complete lack of precision mind-boggling.

Black Arrow: Actually good base damage and 20% precision makes this a decent weapon, but I have to wonder why it got penalized thrice. First it sports a 15% lower crit chance for what reason exactly? If anything this cannon should be just as brutal on Aimed Shots. Second it is the only snipe rifle which requires 6 strength. Lastly it is found in DC only which makes it super late game and you are forced to rely on Dragunov or AFW since most normal Snipers you find or shop are, disturbingly, even worse.

I won't go into other uniques much since with this short overview one can see that at the very least the sniper category is woefully lacking and from what I can see assault rifles and SMGs are hardly any better, firearms really only have Wyatts Wastehawk as an outstanding one, the rest is ok or outright mediocre.
I am fine with crafted weapons being better than uniques. I am not fine with so many uniques not really having at least something over crafted ones, like the Dragunov for example.

Suggestions / What about traits?
« on: February 04, 2019, 08:02:28 pm »
Since this game has borrowed some of Fallout 1 and 2 I was wondering if anyone else would like to see something like Traits in this game. I personally would love to see traits in this game. Could make characters even more unique.

Builds / Any idea for a build with Temporal Manipulation?
« on: January 28, 2019, 06:19:03 am »
Has anyone thought of such a build yet?

Suggestions / Feats and items improvements
« on: January 26, 2019, 04:21:04 pm »
In my opinion there are items and feats which provide such negligible benefits that they could be merged with something and it would be for the better. Personally I think the following should be merged:

Goggles +1 perception: Imho +1 perception is generally useless and almost every build using goggles is either using detection, crit chance or smart module. The +1 perception is not even situational good since you either have high per or you dump it to 3.
My suggestion would be that all goggle types provide +1 perception and get rid of the base +1 goggles. The benefit is so negligible it might as well merged or completely removed if that is deemed too strong which considering the pitiful benefit of +1 perception is doubtful.

Hammerer pistols: Atrocious minimum damage. It is so bad that the damage output becomes so unreliable that many prefer the much more stable Neo Luger for example. Something has to be done with this pistol time.

Snooping: I am not sure what to do with it. Like with goggles you either have high per for ranged characters or you dump it to 3 and use detection goggles to find traps. Secrets are nice but usually just offer some extra loot and oddities, with a rare easter egg here and there.

Ninja Looter/Burglar: These two feats are rarely if ever taken, at best as flavor feats. Either they need massive improvements or just merge them to a single perk and name it "Master Thief" or something like that.

Gun Nut: Rarely seen it. The benefit is 7.5% average damage but it can be as little as 0%. I see no reason as to why this could not be something like a flat damage increase.

Heavy Punch: Most special attacks usually either cut AP cost for comparable damage but reduced accuracy, give increased crit chance, etc. This feat is supposedly there to help overcoming damage resistances I guess but it just is very unappealing even on unarmed characters.

Mental Subversion: Just takes far too long to stack and is hardly noticable if at all. Could be merged with Cerebral Trauma.

Neurologist: Somewhat underwhelming. Could improve PSI efficiency a little as well maybe.

Hypothermia. Not very useful. The idea of reduced con is only really feasable in prolonged fights to reduce the effectiveness of enemy healing but the problem is the higher the difficulty the less you want fights to go long because you can get wiped off the map fast. Doubly true on Autistic difficulty.

General / Can I edit NPCs?
« on: December 17, 2017, 12:35:18 pm »
Because quite frankly I am tired of loosing Saban and Dave to Bladelings because they are terribly equipped AND act like complete morons. I want to change their ammunition to armor piercing and give Saban more grenades.

If I could I would also disable turret mode from the sentry because it primarly looses a turn only to change back the next one which make it loose out on a lot of damage.

Bugs / Crash to desktop attacking Eddy and Scrappers with Eels and SGS
« on: December 12, 2017, 09:56:48 pm »
I got two crashes today when finalizing the quest to attack the Scrappers with the Eels and with the support with SGS. When choosing the dialogue to go with either Roman and the SGS to attack Eddy directly or go with Silas and attack the front, whenever I chose to attack Eddy with Roman and the SGS I got a crash almost immediately after the fade to black screen when it tries to build up the level. I can see my buddies attacking for a brief moment and I see one corpse going down, I think it is the gate guard but then immediately I crash to desktop.

General / Did Oddity drop rates change on Dominating difficulty?
« on: December 10, 2017, 06:15:41 pm »
I have wiped out most rathounds (without Alphas in the pack) at this point but no luck getting any ears. I probably killed around 30-40 of the pests. I am now in GMS compound and in previous versions I would be level 6 thanks to the 3 Oddity experience points from those ears.

Did anyone else noticed this or am I just extremely unlucky this play through?

Bugs / [Core City] Jack Quicksilver
« on: January 19, 2016, 05:46:58 pm »
So I was just doing some arena and wanted to go back to do some missions, went to Jack Quicksilver to buy maybe a few items and here comes the weird bug:
I can tell him that I did all his quests and then ask " what" which will lead him to give me the quest to search for Azif in the Hanging Rat bar. Problem is I already did that quest so my best guess would be that after completing the quest it does not seem to delete that dialogue branch from Jack's response list.

Further testing reveals that I can repeat this endlessly without the quest appearing in my quest log.

Suggestions / Reduce wealth by a lot
« on: August 06, 2015, 01:50:55 pm »
Imho Underrail has the same problem as many other RPGs have, which is that it is far too easy to get rich.
My suggestion would be that base value to sell should be reduced by at least 50% or even more. Likewise money gained from quests should be reduced by a similar amount. To compensate for people who want to play with the Mercantile skill should get better returns at higher levels.

Kind regards

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