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Suggestions / Tab should highlight Zone Transitions
« on: August 16, 2021, 02:53:00 am »

Attached image is a example of one that is hard to see

Suggestions / Incentive to craft higher quality taser
« on: August 16, 2021, 12:43:31 am »
At the moment there is little reason to craft a taser with a higher quality electroshock generator since a quality 10 has an equal chance to stun as a quality 160 one.

Idea for solution, maybe taser should ignore a percent of fortitude based on quality? Up to ignoring 40% fortitude as 160 quality.

Alternatively you could increase the attack rating of the taser stun based on its quality (not damage, am talking about the skill that is checked against the enemies fortitude)

Bugs / Free psi abilities from Ethan are not automatically innervated
« on: August 10, 2021, 11:42:39 am »
When playing as a girl and choosing to learn a ability from Ethan for free the free ability isn't automatically innervated. Paid for abilities are still automatically innervated.

Builds / Feat Priority List (Feedback requested)
« on: August 07, 2021, 04:40:01 am »
Feats are mostly ordered based on epeli's character builder.

A feat being in a category does not neccesarily mean its only for those types of builds.

Priority dictates how soon you should take it, Priority 1 means as soon as its available, Priority 2 means after Priority 1 feats and so on for the others.

Priority is not a rating for how good the feat is, its a rating for how soon you should take it on builds that will use that specific feat.

If you disagree with anything and have more experience with a certain feat than me (I have 700 hours and have played with ~95% of these) please comment so I can fix its description/priority.

Use CTRL + F if you want to find something specific and don't want to read all of this

While reading this keep in mind that this list is speaking in very general terms and most of the time a feat can't be evaluated in isolation.

Big thanks to Raven on the discord for helping significantly with editing and categorizing


Category: General Combat Feats

Expertise: Priority 2

Good for builds with many attacks and after some testing not a bad feat for builds that don't crit, lets say your doing 200 damage an attack by endgame and aren't critting, expertise boosts that by 20 which is 10% extra damage and it lasts the whole fight unlike blindsiding.

Opportunist: Priority 1

Very good and reliable damage bonus, depending on your build a solid amount of time you will be attacking stunned or rooted enemies. Does not work on robots

Recklessness: Priority 2

Essential for builds stacking crit chance, such as crossbow and dexterity based melee. The penalty is barely noticeable on the builds its used on, which are often glass cannons.

Sure Step: Priority 2

Very good for close range builds, since you can just spam crawler caltrops everywhere

Versatility: Priority 2

Probably one of the most powerful feats in the game, if used right. There are other more important things early on however, and this doesn't start to shine until mid game.

Survival Instincts: Priority 1

Can make some very powerful builds if used right, also with 9 con your health is equal to a 3 con at 60% so this health penalty isn't as bad as it seems.

Yell: Priority 2

Very good feat especially if you have high evasion or dodge. Even without either you can still lower enemies hit chance to their minimum at high skill.

Vile Weaponry: Priority 3

Pretty decent feat and it also boosts DoT effects, but I would recommend taking taste for blood first if your a melee.

Hypertoxicity: Priority 1

Good on throwing knife maining as well as trapper builds, since you will be doing lots of your damage from poisons. Decent on crossbows in the early to mid game as well.

Uncanny Dodge: Priority 2

Guaranteed dodge is very good, if you have high agi and no points in dodge its worth putting some just for this.

Evasive Maneuvers: Priority 3

Niche feat, its good in some situations but your usually better off moving behind a corner

Blitz: Priority 3

Pretty good if you have other movement point sources like Hit and Run and Fancy Footwork, still decent without.

Ripper: Priority 2

Very good on knife builds for the increased crit damage, and especially good on knife throwers since they have few crit sources.

Critical Power: Priority 1

If your build uses crits and has decent crit multiplier take this ASAP, even with the nerf this is easily one of the strongest feats.

Blindsiding: Priority 3

Good to get if your running out of other damage feats and engage from stealth often.

Brutality: Priority 3

Take this late, its pretty decent especially if you have Death's Grin.

Heavyweight: Priority 3

Pretty good feat if you have high armor penalty, the crit damage bonus from this is pretty insane and basically means your crits will kill nearly anything in one hit. Note that this is useable on some fist builds as well not just hammers and that armor penalty can go beyond 95.


Category: Utility

Ninja Looter: Priority 4

Only potential use for this is pickpocketing enemy crossbow bolts which makes them unequip their crossbow.

Pack Rathound: Priority 3

Not really neccessary, though if you have low strength and are a build that needs to carry more (trappers) this is fine to take early.

Paranoia: Priority 3

Decent defensive feat, though initiative is not as useful as stealth and manual combat entering the detection boost is always helpful and the stealth enemy damage boost is notable on high perception high damage per shot builds.

Quick Pockets: Priority 2

Good for builds that have many weapons or require swapping them in mid-combat (knife thrower and versatility pistol/melee hybrids). Extra utility slot is excellent as well

Snooping: Priority 4

Completely useless, there are enough perception buffs in the game to see everything even with 3 perception, though you will find the buffs a bit later on, there aren't any important perception checks anyway.

Burglar: Priority 4

More of a convenience feat, also lets you access some unimportant areas and containers while in stealth that would normally aggro a important faction. Not useful at all to be honest.

Doctor: Priority 3

Another convenience feat, note that this does not work with regenerative vest and for some reason bandages.

Trigger Happy: Priority 2

Paranoia is better in pretty much every way, plus this one has a dexterity requirement. Only use on no stealth builds or if you really want high initiative.

Quick Tinkering: Priority 2

Still good after the nerf, being able to block a chokepoint with a bear trap or place a mine in the middle of combat is extremely powerful.

Trap Expert: Priority 3

Good if you want enemies to not avoid your traps, however in the case of mines I find that its usually better for them to detect the trap so you can trigger the trap with a grenade when many enemies are near it.

Salesman: Priority 4

Not useful at all, your better off travelling around and going to other merchants.


Category: Crafting

Armor Sloping: Priority 2

Very good for builds that want to stay mobile yet relatively tanky.

Clothier: Priority 3

Its alright if you want to really pump stealth as high as it can go, but not worth it otherwise

Gun Nut: Priority 3

Not that good of a feat, there are many better sources of damage. Plus it requires 7 points in intelligence too

Power Management: Priority 2

This increase lets you make very powerful shields, though it does not work for regen vest healing. (It increases the capacity but regen vests always use 10% of capacity each turn)

Skinner: Priority 3

Not bad for a crafting feat, you can get some extra crit chance or evasion from your infused armors and i've heard you can make melee immunity armor more easily with this as well.

Disassemble: Priority 4

Very nice for recycling expensive parts from your previous weapons as well as turning damaged gear back to full easily, can make you very rich as well. Not worth it in my opinion since money is not a problem in this game even on DOMINATING.

Weaponsmith: Priority 2

Decent on machete and important on knife users, you want as much crit chance as possible on knife.

Bowyer: Priority 2

This is a pretty big crit damage increase, take it immediately after priority 1 feats.

Neurology: Priority 3

There are more important feats to take early for psi cost, take this mid game when your running out of other psi reduction or boosting feats.

Practical Physicist: Priority 3

Extra damage is always welcome, but this one is not that good since energy pistols already have ridiculously high critical damage bonus, take this late if at all.

Mad Chemist: Priority 2

Chem Pistol addon effect is already very powerful, boosting it is a very good idea.

Ballistics: Priority 2

9 DT for a whole feat slot. Only good in the early game.


Category: Mobility

Nimble: Priority 1

Best used with dodge or evasion, also useful for increasing your movement points and stealth if your wearing heavier armor.

Hit and Run: Priority 2

Good for ranged users that can reliably kill things as well as high action point melee users, especially with specialization points

Sprint: Priority 1

Good for builds with high armor penalty or ones that engage from stealth and lack fancy footwork or hit and run. Note that sprint movement point boost ignores armor penalty unlike hit and run and fancy footwork.

Interloper: Priority 3

Its ok for stealthy melee, but in my opinion there are many better feats to take such as Fancy Footwork and Sprint.

Escape Artist: Priority 2

Good feat to take in the midgame, when your doing the Expedition DLC since nets have a minimum 25% chance to hit. Also good if you want to use XAL or are having trouble with Depot A

Fancy Footwork: Priority 2

One of the best feats for melee with many attacks, is ok even on high action point melee if you have contraction and adrenaline


Category: Tank

Conditioning: Priority 2

Controversial feat, some say its only good for stacking damage reduction with other sources, others say its necessary on all tanks.

Fast Metabolism: Priority 2

Very good feat for regenerative vest users, and not a bad feat for psi builds that can afford it.

Juggernaut: Priority 3

25% health is a pretty big boost but I would prioritize taking fast metabolism and then this if you want to be a tank

Shield Arm: Priority 2

More important than boarding up, since shields already block alot of damage. The block chance increase is pretty big so you should take this relatively early compared to other shield feats if your using shields for defense.

Stoicism: Priority 2

Very good feat if you can afford the requirements, this with canned meat or mushroom brew, conditioning, morphine and aegis can make you temporarily invincible to mechanical damage for three turns while below 35% hp. Note that this also decreases the amount of health you need to survive morphine

Thick Skull: Priority 2

Very good feat if you can afford it, especially good on agile tanks since unlike stun daze still allows you to dodge and evade.

Last Stand: Priority 3

Very good with specialization points, decent otherwise. Take this mid to late game.

Guard: Priority 4

Mediocre feat, if you want to block damage there are many better sources


Category: Ranged Weapon Feats

Strafe: Priority 2

Important for spearhead sniper users and crossbow builds that want to hit more accurately.

Aimed Shot: Priority 1

Essential for most high damage per shot gun builds, though not nearly as good on crossbow ones. Is a requirement for sharpshooter and snipe

Suppressive Fire: Priority 1

Amazing feat, not only does it lower enemies movement, action points and ranged accuracy it can also proc oppurtunist for bonus damage.

Steadfast Aim: Priority 3

Not worth it on pistols in my opinion, while any extra crit chance is pretty good this requires 2 stat points

Kneecap Shot: Priority 3

Its a nice disable and more importantly it gets the special attack bonus, up to you if you want to take it, there are more important special attacks to get unless your using a shotgun.

Point Shot: Priority 2

Very good special attack on pistol builds, not that good on other gun types however.

Snipe: Priority 1

Not a bad feat for some crossbow builds (Though unnecessary on a standard critical crossbow build). Very good on sniper rifle builds

Ambush: Priority 1

Very good feat even if you don't pump stealth, extra hit and crit chance is amazing. Best used with some throwing so you can reliably trigger ambush with molotovs.

Full Auto: Priority 2

This is at minmum at 25% damage increase, take immediately after more important feats.

Rapid Fire: Priority 1

Very good on pistols and mediocre on other weapons. Low cooldown is amazing as well

Sharpshooter: Priority 3

Pretty good feat, though usually if you crit with a strong pistol crossbow or sniper the enemy is dead. Take this only if you have trouble one shotting enemies or if your on DOMINATING and want to kill bosses easier. Note that this is permanent extra crit damage on firearm pistols.

Execute: Priority 3

Very big damage and can even crit, note that this costs 5 ap more than a normal attack.

Commando: Priority 1

Another free burst for killing a enemy is very powerful, since that burst will likely kill another enemy especially since you can fire the free burst from a stronger gun


Subcategory: Firearm Pistol

Gunslinger: Priority 1

Essential for firearm pistol users, the initiative boost is really nice as well.

Gun Fu: Priority 1

Very powerful damage feat, lets you have more disable as well since you will have melee skill for dirty kick and pneumatic gloves

Bullet Time: Priority 1

Take and specialize into this asap if your using firearm pistol.


Subcategory: Energy Pistols

High Technicalities: Priority 2

Big damage boost for energy pistols, this will let you reliably kill almost anyone in one shot with high int.


Subcategory: Chemical Pistols

Cooked Shot: Priority 1

Very good feat, lets you apply chemical pistol effects to evasive enemies and has a very short cooldown.


Subcategory: SMG

Spec Ops: Priority 1

Lowering SMG burst cost to 200% is extremely powerful, special grenade (flashbang, chemhaze and stingball) duration lower (and specialization) is extremely powerful as well for builds with grenadier.


Subcategory: Assault Rifle

Concentrated Fire: Priority 2

This is a massive damage increase, take it early.


Subcategory: Sniper Rifle

Shooting Spree: Priority 1

Incredibly good on snipers, lets you kill many enemies a turn. Take this and specialize into it ASAP


Subcategory: Shotgun

Sixth Shell: Priority 1

Gives you a very big damage bonus on shotguns, take as soon as possible.

Leading Shot: Priority 1

Evasion ignoring is very powerful, means you can get by with much lower perception.

Pellet Mayhem: Priority 3

Decent feat since each pellet has its own crit chance.

Barrel Stare: Priority 1

Its 20% damage, what else is there to say?

Perfect Scattering: Priority 4

Completely useless, at most thats 40 extra damage if your using 20p

Fragmented Chaos: Priority 2

More crit damage is good, especially since you will be taking critical power later on.


Subcategory: Throwing

Grenadier: Priority 1

Throwing grenades is currently very powerful, especially on the lower difficulties where a single grenade will kill a whole group. This feat combined with Limited Temporal Increment, will let you clear many crowds in the first two turns even on DOMINATING difficulty.

Pinning: Priority 2

Good and semi-reliable root and can trigger opportunist, don't use unless your using knife throw often and have high dex.

Fatal Throw: Priority 2

Very good if you have points in throwing and can reliably land throwing knives

Three Pointer: Priority 2

Very good for damage if you have high dex and are pumping throwing, will let you clear crowds with ease even on DOMINATING

Remote Surgeon: Priority 2

This is basically 50% extra damage, take it soon though it won't help much against heavily armored targets

Split Spare: Priority 2

Extra attack on another enemy is useful. Haven't used this one personally


Subcategory: Crossbow

Marksman: Priority 1

Needed for crossbow users and versatility builds that use special bolts often.

Concussive Shots: Priority 2

Pretty good if you aren't a critical based crossbow user, since if you are most enemies will die in 1 or two shots making the debuff unimportant.

Special Tactics: Priority 2

Free special bolt attack is pretty good, especially since it costs no AP meaning you can fire it from a more powerful crossbow

Deadly Snares: Priority 1

If you can bother with preparing the battlefield with traps beforehand or use versatility acid pistol taking this is probably a good idea.

Elemental Bolts: Priority 1

Very powerful feat, a significant portion of your damage comes from the elemental bolt damage.


Suggestions / Kevlar Tabi and Balaclava Scaling
« on: July 27, 2021, 12:13:20 pm »
At the moment no matter what quality your using kevlar balaclavas and tabi boots have 2 dt, I suggest it should scale from 1 dt at ~q32 and below to 5 dt at ~q160

Builds / Spear and Shield build help
« on: July 26, 2021, 09:47:04 am »
Am bored and want to experiment with something new, anyone have advice for a build like this?

Suggestions / Ability to favorite items
« on: July 24, 2021, 12:01:18 pm »
What this would basically do is prevent you from dropping or selling items until they are unfavorited, dunno about you all but I keep misplacing my jackknife and other gear


Boss Stat Modifier
Boss HP Modifier
Merchant Buy Price
Maximum Hit Chance
NPC AI Modifier
NPC HP Modifier
NPC Skill Modifier

Would like more examples suggested in comments

Bugs / Bandages in this zone respawn when you reload the game.
« on: July 21, 2021, 02:03:33 am »
Also not a bug, but the lockpick checks are skill 35 when this zone appears next to the rathound outposts. And there is a industrial bot???

Maybe a long stick utility or just shooting them with a gun?

Bugs / Kareem doesn't take your coins when asked for information
« on: July 18, 2021, 09:03:32 am »
Had 5 coins when entering the zone, was able to get all 3 infos and didn't lose any coins.

Bugs / Dirty Kick does not get stealthed melee accuracy boost
« on: July 17, 2021, 02:27:44 am »
Was undetected trying to dirty kick a dude, missed 6 times from stealth. bug or just rng? 6 times seems a bit too much for 95% hit chance. Normal accuracy is 73% with a sledgehammer while not in stealth.

Minimal exertion (<20 base cost) Minor exertion (20-40 base cost) Medium exertion (40-60 base cost) Major exertion  (>60 base cost)

Also you would still be able to innervate abilities in different slots, however they will cost 0.5% more psi the farther it is from the minimum of their intended slot (Example Bilocation has 60 cost and will be increased by 20% if put in a minimal exertion slot)

Example for hybrid thought control + temporal with 8 slots: Instead of just having the strongest abilities (Enrage, LTI, Mental Breakdown, Neural Overload, Bilocation, Stasis, Psycho-Temporal Acceleration)

You would probably have something like (Minimal: Neural Overload, Psi Cognitive Interruption  or Temporal Distortion) (Minor: LTI, Frighten) (Medium: Psycho Temporal Contraction, Stasis) (Major: Mental Breakdown, Enrage)

One problem with implementing this though is that unless we find some other way to divide the Psi slots we might need to increase the minimum psi slots to at least 4 and the maximum to maybe 12.

My idea on how to do it is you start with 1 of each slot at 3 INT and increase that to 2 minimal and 1 of the others at 4 int, 2 minor and 2 minimal at 6 int, 2 of all but major at 8 int, and finally 2 of all at 10 int.

Perhaps with higher INT it keeps increasing up to 3 of all at 18 int? After all currently there isn't much reason to raise INT past 8.

EDIT: Edited base post quite a bit

Suggestions / Add oddities to Black Crawler and Azuridae Goliath
« on: July 14, 2021, 11:26:44 pm »
Maybe to Rathound Alpha as well? A single 2 xp oddity would be fine, maybe a 3 xp for the Black Crawler and 3 2 xps for the goliaths, at the moment there is little reason not to just sneak past or avoid goliaths.

General / Random useful tips you've learned?
« on: July 13, 2021, 10:37:09 am »
Hoddurform gives when held in one of your weapon slots (not neccesarily equipped) a shadow which can activate ambush

If you invest 5 points into throwing you can have 95% throwing accuracy on a stunned guy instead of 70%

You don't have to fight the plasma sentry in Elwoods room, if you have adrenaline you can just tase it, open the footlocker then run away and close the door.

You can use snipers in melee range if the enemy isn't hostile yet

Gort and Fixer can sell advanced catalyzing belts.

You can kill some of the protectorate soldiers in the prison and severely weaken the plasma sentries using burrower caltrops by standing in front of the cameras and letting them go back and forth.

You can kill JKK without turning core city hostile (Their armor is pretty good)

With future orientation, flashbangs a taser and some nets you can keep a dude immobile permanently

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