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Suggestions / Re: Rework for Balor
« Last post by ShoggothWhisperer on Today at 01:51:06 am »
The best way to make Balor more threatening would be to increase his mobility or give him a ranged attack instead of making him tankier. Most of the time he spawns in 80-95% penalty armor with boots and the helmet, so any build can easily kite him around with tabi boots and low armor penalty. Sprint would go a long way to remedy this, or giving Balor the nimble feat to reduce armor penalty. Balor could also use grenades with the grenadier feat to provide a ranged attack without being too overwhelming, and receive better grenades at higher difficulties.
Suggestions / Re: New quest: Assault on Foundry
« Last post by ShoggothWhisperer on Today at 01:33:27 am »
There is a random event where the Foundry Guard and Ironheads fight, but it is quite rare. I’ve only had it happen once in my 500+ hours of playing Underrail.
Suggestions / New quest: Assault on Foundry
« Last post by Hammer Wizard on Today at 12:45:47 am »
The game always tells how much the Ironheads are a threat to Foundry's existence, but you never actually see them attacking Foundry or any of it's soldiers, I think it would be kind of cool if under certain circumstances or elapsed time you can defend Foundry from a huge Ironhead assault, with timed waves like in the Praetorian warehouse quest, you can accept it for a lot of experiencie and coins, or you can ignore it and Foundry has a chance to be completely wiped out and instead be populated by raiders.

Imagine it, you're calmly traveling around Underrail in train, you get off the train station on Foundry, and the moment you enter the zone, combat starts, but you're not fighting, instead you can hear gunshots and explosions nearby, it's a small squad of Ironheads fighting the Foundry guard, you can either help the guards or let the battle play out. Then you can talk to the chief and have a chance to accept the quest to defend Foundry for huge rewards, if you accept you will have to stand at Foundry's entrance with a dozen of Foundry guard, then after a brief moment, dozens and dozens of Ironheads waves attack Foundry, having to hold the line.
The waves would be timed, so you could get a solid minute of between ever increasing waves, so you can recharge items, heal, stabilize yourself, etc.
If you run into Foundry if you're getting overrun, you now have to defend Foundry on the last line of defense, on top of the few guardsmen remaining, half of Foundry residents would defend it with any weapons they have, however they would be weak combatants, if you leave Foundry during the quest, everyone gets wiped out, and all traders die, including Leonie. Chief Banner could also be there, defending.
If you successfully defend Foundry, you could get a lot of coins, exp, cheaper traders and more importantly, fame and bragging rights.
Would also be a good chance to demostrate the cowardice of Foundry's Mayor. Also if you successfully defend Foundry, the Ironheads base would be half populated, reeling from a massive failed assault.

This quest could trigger if you take way too much time without killing Balor or if you reach a certain treshold in the game story, for example reaching Institute of Tchort without killing Balor, or certain amount of in game hours. Tho I suggest this quest to be Dominating only.
This quest would be a relatively late game quest, so the player is well set for the whole combat.
To some extend this quest could also be applied to Rail Crossing, tho in a much minor scale.
Suggestions / Rework for Balor
« Last post by Hammer Wizard on Today at 12:18:06 am »
Balor is too much of a weakling for a boss, everyone can easily dispatch him, no matter the build:

He doesnt have high levels of mech/heat resistances, unlike Industrial Bots, that can tank a lot of damage easily.
Can be stunned, easily dispatched in 1 or 2 turns
Can be incapacitated, mental breakdown makes sense but Balor be trivialized by flashbang
He has awful detection, despite the fact he has a mechanical eye
Has no real tanking abilities, it just happens he has a lot of HP on top of a mediocre metal gear set
Can be entangled, come on the guy must have like 20 STR why he can be entangled
He's way too easy to dispatch, compared to Braenkaster, he's a real tought bastard to bring down, and he's a proper hammer boss

My suggestions are:
>Give Balor tanking feats, such Stoicism, Conditioning, Fully spec'd Last Stand, also high Resolve and Fortitude
>Inmune to Stuns (like Magnar) and Flashbang Incapacitations
>Give him Sprint and Adrenaline
>Give him stupidly high detection or straight out True Sight, if you consider his mechanical eye a camera of sorts
>Give him a stronger metal armor or a metal armor unique that actually makes him tanky
>Make him inmune to entanglement/inmobilization
This way, Balor will become an actual threat and not a human punching bg
Suggestions / Randomize traps (Dominating only)
« Last post by Hammer Wizard on May 16, 2021, 10:26:20 pm »
What it says on the title, most of veterans can at this point walk across Rathound King's massive minefield blindfolded and still manage to trigger basically no trap at all.
By randomizing the traps location, the type of traps and the amount of traps would make more intresting to venture into mine fields, or stay on guard by random mines that were not there before.
Builds / Re: Help a rookie fine tune his Pistol/Crit build
« Last post by Turbodevil on May 16, 2021, 09:42:54 am »
Recklesness spec is definitely worth it unless you have better options.

For me the best spec for pitols is bullet time then Hit and Run, after that it depends playstyle, more chance to crit = more likelihood enemy dies in one shot so it is solid choice.
Builds / Re: Help a rookie fine tune his Pistol/Crit build
« Last post by Record on May 16, 2021, 09:36:46 am »
Thanks a bunch! Your advice is taken to heart.

I am however sticking with opportunist (as it's too late to change at lvl 7) since it synergizes well with my, frankly, excessive use of crawler caltrops.

Is it even worth it to put spec points into recklessness, or should I invest elsewhere?
Builds / Re: Help a rookie fine tune his Pistol/Crit build
« Last post by Turbodevil on May 16, 2021, 08:32:00 am »
Drop opportunist and Execute. You don't need such strong attack with high caliber pistols. Grab critical power.

5 spec points in Bullet Time. No exceptions. Taka Bullet Time at level 12 and max spec it first. One of the best feats in this game.

Hit and Run should also be taken sooner, even at lvl 1.

-5 Perception, +5 Dexterity. This will reduce base AP cost of Wasteland Hawk to 22 AP, or 11 under Bullet time, allowing you to shoot 2 / 4 times per round without AP boosting things.

Usual advice: 70 tempral manipulation is massively good.

Another usual advice: crafted gear is better than unique one. .44 hammerrer with rapid reloader and laser sight/smart module will outclass uniques.You also want to wear Infused rathound leather armor for extra 11% crit chance.
Builds / Help a rookie fine tune his Pistol/Crit build
« Last post by Record on May 15, 2021, 04:24:22 pm »
Hello good internet people! I have been very much enjoying Underrail for a long time now, but I've yet to see the game to completion. My first build was very similiar to this one, but due to inexperience and poor planning ahead, it fell flat around the time I got to the Black Sea. Since then, I've tried a small handful of gimmicky and noob friendly builds here on the forums, only to find them uninteresting and generally unfun after some hours. So, with my new experience combined with my somewhat succesful previous pistol build, I sat down to make what is - in my best effort - a planned and coherent build. Now it's to test it in the Shark Tank, so please, take a look and tell me if I'm completely unhinged, or I've just missed the spot a few places:

Some context: I plan on grabbing Wyatt's 44. magnum, and then progressing to the Wasteland Hawk for it's high crit damage. My experience with my first run was that traps are generally fun and really help even the odds, especially with weapons that use tons of AP and have small mags such as these, so this build too will have a focus on that, as well as grenades for CC etc. I also want to use the JKK armor, but I'm unsure if it's really the best choice.

So please, give it a look, and thanks in advance for any feedback.
Builds / Looking for an AR/Pistol build
« Last post by FouR_xFearlessX on May 15, 2021, 05:33:44 am »
Haven't played in a while, last build was an SMG build that was more on the fast and sneaky side, so this time I'm looking for something on the heavier side using AR with a pistol secondary. Thanks!
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