Author Topic: My attempt at a Shotgun + Claymore build  (Read 2066 times)

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My attempt at a Shotgun + Claymore build
« on: May 05, 2023, 06:39:23 am »
Up till now, I've mainly stuck to TM Spear for my campaigns. Wanted to branch out a bit. This build was inspired by two other builds, namely Der Zooner's 'My most powerful shotgun..." build and a suggested build in heyaheyaheya's post asking for a TM sword build.

Build: underrail[.]info/build/?HgcOCQMDAwcULQDCoCjCoChLMhkUUAAUFAAAAAA3SwBLJBnCo8KwwowSBsKZS8KNwo4rwocmMcKzQRbisogF4rWuBeK3sAXfvw

The logic is as follows:
- 7 STR for claymore min requirements, plus gives some extra damage for machetes up until that point
- 7 INT is entirely a personal choice with two main benefits:
    a) Provides more flexibility in the point allocation, since crafting and non-combat skills don't need to be pumped as high (hence the large number of points left unassigned).
    b) Lets the player have an easier time to do some content that might be locked off via the last point or craft certain items they might need quicker.
- The non-combat skill point allocation might seem odd, but the purpose of that allocation is mainly to make certain portions of the game less tedious. For example, the 20 points in Chem and Bio are there to craft gas grenades for Foundry, 20 in traps Depot A (also helps to make walls of death to make low level shotgun actually land), etc
- 9 AGI cause Hyperclose range build, generally in the thick of combat, and pumping Evasion helps survive getting nuked by various range attacks (be it grenades, guns, whatever). Also lets the user build into dodge, if they want.
- 20 points in Guns is only to get Sixth Shell, Versatility takes care of the rest for shotgun accuracy.
- All other feats are for Sword. Parry, while nice to have as an alternative to dodge, isn't particularly reliable, but it helps. Feel free to dump the feat and Riposte if you want to build into dodge.
- 45 points in Throwing is there just to make AoE throwables land fairly consistently. Can be pumped higher, but I find it isn't that necessary.
- Opportunist helps with getting bonus damage from Tungsten shells, the Claymore's passive and Cheap Shots. Taken late cause of lack of consistent access to Tungsten shells and Claymore before lvl 16.
- Last 3 perks are comfort perks; feel free to change out if others are desired

-Short Barreled Vagabond with Foregrip: low action cost, improved accuracy and fairly high damage helps hit groups and followup with Claymore if needed
-Claymore (cause beeg swond go brrrr)

Currently doing a Dominating campaign (Classic XP), at lvl 18 atm, haven't actually started the Black Sea quest yet. Early game can be a slog but is manageable with enough grenades, traps to sustain you until the build starts coming online (~lv 8-14, depending on random loot luck)

Please add any suggestions/alterations to this build that you feel might improve it, either in the min/max or casual directions.
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